About Me

My name is Lexie and I am a God praising, wife, baby-maker, baby-book maker,  interior designer, party thrower, DIYer, graphic designer, scrimper and saver, and trying every day to be a little more glamorous!

Most recent family photo. About time to get one with our sweet baby #2!

Here is what you need to know about me. I am a 27-year-old wife (to an amazingly attractive baseball player – way out of my league) and a mother (to a 2 1/2 year old girl and a 1 year old girl). So you must be asking, what more could this girl need? Well there is one thing that I have always felt I have lagged in, one lesson I see so many young girls got, but somehow I missed; How To Be Glamorous.

In middle school while so many girls were interested in boys and wearing makeup and buying cool clothes, I was happy to run around wearing a wolf t-shirt and the same button-up jeans everyday. By the time I did start to gain an interest in boys, and exodus my lengthy awkward stage, I completely missed the boat to Glam town. I had thick, unruly hair that poufed out like a lion’s mane. I had unplucked eyebrows, and minimal knowledge on how to actually apply makeup. Yet, I survived high school just dandily, learning a few beauty tips, but never becoming the beauty icon that I saw so many girls had become.

Truly, there is no huge value in becoming glamorous to me. But it is rather a fun, and challenging goal I can see myself attempting with humor and the occasional fails. And along with my glamorous life and some disasters, I will post my private and professional design expertise with you!

Let the adventures begin!

❤ Future Diva Mommy, Lexie

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