Day 1 – My Goal

Hello internet,

As many bloggers out there get loads of recognition and accolades for their daily diaries, I figured I should start to write one myself. But, about what…? I’ll get to that.

Here is what you need to know about me. I am a 25-year-old wife (to an amazingly attractive baseball player – way out of my league) and a mother (to a soon to be 1-year-old girlie girl) and a preggo lady (to another beautiful baby girl expected in June)! So you must be asking, what more could this girl need? Well there is one thing that I have always felt I have lagged in, one lesson I see so many young girls got, but somehow I missed; How To Be Glamorous.

^This is what glamorous looks like to me.

^And maybe a little like this too.

In middle school while so many girls were interested in boys and wearing makeup and buying cool clothes, I was happy to run around wearing a wolf t-shirt and the same button-up jeans everyday. By the time I did start to gain an interest in boys, and exodus my lengthy awkward stage, I completely missed the boat to Glam town. I had thick, unruly hair that poufed out like a lion’s mane. I had unplucked eyebrows, and minimal knowledge on how to actually apply makeup. Yet, I survived high school just dandily, learning a few beauty tips, but never becoming the beauty icon that I saw so many girls had become.

truly, there is no huge value in becoming glamorous to me. But it is rather a fun, and challenging goal I can see myself attempting with humor and a daily fail log. So, here is how it will go…

  • I am currently 4.5 months pregnant with baby boo #2 – instead of being a lazy, dishevelled zombie mommy, I am going to attempt to wear my bump proudly, wrapping it in bows and adorning it in glitter. All the way to the bitter end when my ankles far surpass kankles and my face looks like a balloon, I am going to Glam It Up.
  • Once our little love bug enters the world I will attempt to be a glamorous gym goddess. I will get my body back, with head to toe style. I know real glamorous girls don’t sweat, but to lose the baby weight I am sure I will have to sweat at least a little.
  • Then once I am back to my thin and trim and firmer than ever self I will end my year’s glam quest by becoming a Mommy that everyone will envy (or roll their eye’s at). I will wear stiletto’s to the grocery store (?) I will wave my hips as I walk with my entourage (children) and do all of the other things (that I have yet to define) that glamorous people do.

I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you!

❤ Future Diva Mommy

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