Day 2: Total Fail

This morning I woke up with every intention and aspiration to go to work being as glamorous as I know how. I’m a High school teacher, and today was just a grading day for the end of the semester- no students! So I was actually excited about going to work. Once I woke up I had about 10 minutes to myself before my 11 month old woke up and wanted my attention. Luckily in those first 10 minutes I started making breakfast and was able to quickly eat and feed the baby so I could then attend to my glamorizing time.

Although glam time wasn’t really spent on anything productive at all- as my daughter clung to my leg while I tried to get dressed and crawled all over me while I put on my makeup. Needless to say I had only a few minutes to do my hair and attempted some sort of high bun to at least manage “messy glamorous” but barely even achieved “shabby chic”.

Here are the results of my overall look today:

As you can see my outfit fell short of glam. My hair… And makeup, nothing special.

And when it came to my feet I resorted to the slippers. Oops.

At least I managed to take a trashy glam picture in the high school bathroom mirror 😉 maybe next time I’ll attempt a pout or pucker.

Tomorrow is another day and maybe I will achieve a bit more glam with whatever I decide to tackle. I’m thinking baby steps…

Until then,
Glam it up!

P.S. I would love any advice for my glamorous project. Make up tips, home beauty recipes, etc are all welcome here!

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