Thank You Google!

This morning I woke up at a loss for what to wear (like every other day). So I Googled, “What to wear to work today” and this is what I found:

1. Being that I already resort to wearing my uggs to work too often as it is, I don’t think I should take this woman’s advice and start wearing cow print ugg boots.

2. Honestly, I do not know why this came up under my search, but I am not a fan of painting my face blue for work. Nor am I a fan of painting my face like this for work. But thank you for the suggestions.


3. Now, here is a suggestion I found rather compelling. I wish I could get away with wearing my daughter to work. I could just hide her under my desk and she could play at my feet. Technically, I am bringing one baby to work with me every day in my belly, so why not two?!

4. Under the caption of this girls outfit, she said that she is required to wear all black to work and this is what she decided to wear. I am not sure what profession she is in, but as a teacher I am pretty sure wearing this type of an ensemble would get me harshly reprimanded!

Thank you Google for all of your suggestions. I wish I could combine them all and come to school wearing a skin-tight, black, crop top and leather pants with my cow print uggs, blue foundation and outrageous eye shadow. That would be super Glam! Unfortunately I didn’t have the pieces in my closet to make this dream outfit a reality

So, I was forced to create my own outfit. This is what I ended up with.




A Very Busy February

Dear Blog,

I am so sorry that I have been ignoring you recently. February has been a very, very, Very VERY busy and exhausting and crazy month. We last left off with my wonderful one-year-old’s birthday party which was indeed very glamorous. But since then my personal glamour/style has “gone out the window” (<sang to the tune of that one song). And here’s why…

After the birthday bash I tried to re-cooperate for a day, and I actually drafted a post that never got posted, so I will save it for a rainy day. Then, I went straight into starting work on a big painting/interior design project that I committed to. Yes, I may have mentioned this before, but my real passion/education/bachelors degree/work experience is as an interior designer. And I would love to do this part or full time, but for now I get a few projects here and there. This project included painting… painting a 15 foot wall with black and silver stripes, painting a giant master bedroom with some more funky stripe details and painting a kitchen island black. It was a lot of work, but the husband and I tackled it together and managed to get it done in a timely manner despite having to drive 45 minutes to the house, spend a couple of nights at my in-laws house all while having to juggle a now toddler. Little to say the results were very glamorous in deed.







February didn’t end here… The next BIG project was moving. Yep, we packed up our cute little duplex apartment and decided to move in with my parents. Dun dun dun. Although the very last thing a 25 year old with a husband and a family wants to do, we recently made some GIANT life decisions that have and will affect our finances for a little while.

For those interested in the Giant Life Change, my husband decided to retire from professional baseball. He has been in the minor league system playing with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization for the past 4 years, and made the very difficult and stressful decision to retire so he can begin a new and more stable career and lifestyle as well as be with his family and around for the birth of his new baby and so on. So, while we get our feet on the ground, we are committing 9 months to a year of our life to living in my parents finished basement. It won’t be so bad. When Tylyn was only 14 days old I moved her to Arizona for spring training where we lived in a studio apartment. Then we moved our family to South Bend, Indiana when she was about 1 ½ months old – and we lived with 5 baseball players living the wild crazy bachelor lifestyle. We uprooted once again (note the pattern of the unstable lifestyle of baseball…) to Visalia, California when she was 3 months old and lived out of a bedroom of a host family house and finally moved back home when she was 6 months old. All in all this was our 7th move in the first year of our daughters life. So, I am kind of relieved to stay put for a little while, or at least until I can no longer possibly continue to live with my mother.

Here are some pics of our new “Dungeness Digs”. I will say it looks a lot better down there with all of our furniture then it did with the hodge podge of junk my mom had stored down there. We did do a lot of work cleaning up and selling old furniture in the weeks before we officially moved.

Nothing like the caliber of design I typically put into our homes. But it should do for a bit.

And somewhere amongst all of this moving and painting, I took on developing a logo and website for a nonprofit organization. And making an awesome invitation for my brother-in-laws graduation party.


Once March 1st hits I am going to feel so very relieved- that is until the next project I take on.

Until then, Stay Glamorous!


How’s this for glamorous?

Sometimes being a mom means being creative and feeling good going out in public with your hair still partially wet and pulled back with a bag clip, because it Wa the only thing you could find before leaving the house. Yes it is true. Tonight I went to Chili’s with my hair like this


This is kinda unique an glam in it’s own way right?!
At least baby Tylyn has looked glamorous all week sportin her new birthday clothes from friends and family!

I guess one key to success is new clothes- that will just have to wait until after baby comes.

Glam Notes on my Week so Far

Writing everyday is proving to be much harder than I anticipated. I thought I would have time for a short post daily, but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. So please excuse me as I will probably be updating a bit more sporadically than I had originally anticipated.

Here are a few comments about my week so far:

Monday night- The Bachelor. Where do they find these girls? They are always lounging around in full hair and make up, perfectly quaffed and glamorous. It is my husband and my guilty pleasure to watch the drama ensue and mock the ridiculous contestants as they are so quick to tell this guy that they love him, but I can’t help but feel… well ugly as I sit there in my sweat pants and watch the beauty queens prance around the screen. So, this Monday I attempted to reapply my mascara and lip gloss and toss my hair into an impromptu high pony tail. I didn’t quite compare to the bachelorettes, but it wasn’t a wasted effort.

Tuesday – A fellow co-worker approached me in the hall when the following conversation ensued.

Him: “I have been trying to improve my social skills recently, and in my observations, I have noticed that you are either pregnant or becoming morbidly obese.”

Me: haha. Yes, I am pregnant.

Him: Oh Good. Well, Congratulations. (saunters off)

I must admit I was left a little bewildered. Was he actually serious about the morbidly obese part? I have barely gained 10 lbs, and most of my students haven’t even seemed to notice that I am pregnant (or at least they haven’t asked). And if he is trying to work on his social skills, I think he still has a bit of a ways to go before he masters sarcasm toward female coworkers. I went home and told the story to my husband and he didn’t seem to think anything of it. Maybe it’s a guy thing I don’t understand, but I still don’t think you should tell a pregnant woman that she looks morbidly obese.

Today/Wednesday – I have come to appreciate the importance of a good pair of black boots and a good pair of brown boots. They can go with any outfit from skirts and dresses to skinny pants. And they make my pregnant self feel glamorous despite the weight gain, back pain, fatique, and zit on my face that hasn’t gone away for weeks.




Weekend Update – days 12-13 – Be Mine, Valentine!

I find the easiest way to be glamorous is in my interior décor and party planning skills. You may think that aa a person with a bachelor’s degree in interior design and ample experience creating beautiful interiors, I would also be well versed in putting together clothing ensembles. Sooooo not the case for me. My personal wardrobe is usually the last thought in my brain’s list of projects and design ideas. Luckily, in an effort to be more glamorous this year, I can showcase (on occasion) my very skillful and glamorous abilities in the world of interior design!

Today, I will talk about the very bitter sweet birthday party that I threw for my sweet, Sweet, SWEET baby girl! She was perfect and beautiful the day she was born, and watching her grow and learn new things over the past 12 months has been the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life. I would probably been wallowing in my sadness much more if I didn’t already have baby #2 on the way to take care of my teeny tiny baby cravings. Luckily, I get to experience the best of both worlds as goofy, energetic Tylyn grows into an amazing and smart big sister, and I get to have an infant again! Tylyn was born February 12, 2012, and we got to take her home from the hospital on Valentine’s day, so it seemed only fitting that for her first birthday, I would throw her the ultimate Valentine’s Day Bash!


Isn’t she the most glamorous baby you have ever seen!? I bought her the sweet ruffle romper for only $8 online!

Now, before getting into all of the fun décor and details that went into the party, I must say the truly awesome part was having all of our friends and family there to celebrate with us! I always feel especially blessed when I see my parents (and siblings, nieces and nephews) and in laws socializing together, it makes our family feel truly complete! My littlest sister-in- law Lexi and my niece Mara Jade get along great whenever they see each other, which is only once or twice a year. And my exuberant brother-in-law Jared always gets the conversation started between families. I am also so blessed to have such wonderful friends, and their beautiful babies that get to grow up along side of my baby girl! What a fun extended family and loving support for Tylyn to witness as she grows up!

A month before this party, I sent out an email to all our family to see if they might be up to forgoing a birthday party for a fun and relaxed trip to the coast. In all honesty, it would have probably saved me a lot of time and even a pocket full of change, but the timing wasn’t quite right for everyone to make a short trip over to the beach.

Alas, I kicked into party planning mode and didn’t stop until every last detail was accounted for. My husband would say I put in 75 hours, but it doesn’t feel like I did because I enjoyed all my little projects. And it didn’t stress me out at all until the last hour and a half before everyone arrived and my pregnancy hormones kicked in a little. Sorry Mom and Tyson.

The table was set for 9 little munchkins complete with Valentine mailboxes, treats and sweets, tutu’s and ties, milkshakes and more!

20130211-132051.jpg 20130211-132018.jpg


Drinks included Bottled waters with personalized labels, Strawberry milkshakes poured into short champagne glasses, complete with striped paper straws and heart shaped cookies on top

20130211-132357.jpg 20130211-132435.jpg

20130211-132005.jpg 20130211-132216.jpg


No kids party is complete without a table of candy for them to go bananas at. My 8 year old nephew Mace couldn’t believe how much Candy there was and kept exclaiming, “I have never seen so much sugar in one place!” Aside from wearing his tie, he sat at the kids table the entire time, shoveling candy, cake and milkshake into his mouth!

I saw this awesome idea for adding bible verse references to bags of sweethearts. So I printed off my own labels and glued them onto the boxes of conversation hearts. No one may have noticed this detail except for me, but it was my favorite thing at the party.

I made mini gluten free heart shaped cupcakes to go with the God’s sweetheart idea, and finished everything short of adding the messages onto them with frosting. Honestly, I think I would have messed them up big time if I attempted to free hand “Be Mine” in frosting.
20130211-132336.jpg 20130211-132100.jpg
My wonderful baker sister, Melanie, agreed to make an adorable cake and I am so impressed with how it turned out! It tasted GOOOOODDDD too! I don’t know how she does it with 4 kids.

Since moustaches are all the rage right now, I decided to take advantage of it and add some lips into the mix. I saw a great printable for Mustaches and Muah’s and tied them onto homemade candy molds. Et Voila!

Being that my husband plays minor league baseball, and we spent Tylyn’s first few months of life driving across the United States watching close to 100 baseball games. It only seemed fitting that we documented her monthly growth in Daddy’s catcher’s mitt. I then plotted a giant poster to display along with some other precious pics on the hall table.

20130211-132539.jpg 20130211-132323.jpg

I also made these “You’re a Hit “ Valentine Baseballs for the kiddo’s alluding to the baseball life.


I wanted to do photo booth esque pictures of all the little kids outside in this mock hot air balloon, but Tylyn refused to be set into the basket, most others cried while inside, and only Sweet Brooklynn was happy to pose for the camera. Some ideas are better left to the imagination.
20130211-131927.jpg 20130211-132114.jpg

There is too much to say about everything, so I am going to let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.
Needless to say I put a lot of work into this party, and I don’t think I will do birthdays this big again for a while, but I was so pleased that all the little kids seemed to have a great time! It was a party designed for kids, so if they were happy then I am happy!

Also, I think this weekend I should get an A+ for being so very, very glamorous. My outfit didn’t look too bad either.


20130211-132034.jpg 20130211-132409.jpg


20130211-132201.jpg 20130211-132225.jpg







Day 10: Saving Up – Plans for the future

As I alluded to in yesterday’s post, there is a lot that goes on during pregnancy to make you feel anything but glamorous. In fact you kind feel like an alien/zombie/sea urchent. And because a large part of this experiment is to help me feel better about myself during pregnancy, I am trying to do what I can now to look and feel beautiful, while also preparing for the day that I can actually feel like myself again (once the baby is born). After I gave birth to Tylyn, I felt so free and amazing! I had lots of energy, my body didn’t ache, I could move again, and I didn’t want to take anything for granted. I started working out to loose my baby weight as soon as I was cleared to exercise, and I totally felt beautiful again. Because I am already looking forward to feeling that way again, I decided that part of my Glamorous Project should be preparing me to become Super Glam once I give birth. And as we all know, the biggest obstacle in becoming glamorous is usually money, and a lack there of. So, after this long winded explanation, I am going to start saving up for the next 5 months in order to have a generous pot of money to devote to becoming glamorous once baby boo is out! Here is what I am saving for:

-Some new Summer clothes: I am due June 11th, so I should be able to have a very glamorous summer. As part of my summer wardrobe I am going to buy a new bikini to show off my rocking post baby body! (This might not happen until August, but there will still be time to sport the bikini).

-Tanning: I know this doesn’t cost much money in the summer, but I do want to devote some time to soaking up those warm rays and tanning my pale skin once again. I actually am not opposed to tanning beds outside of or during pregnancy – it’s just that I don’t have the time to go tanning with a 1 year old by my side.

-Mani/Pedi: Wow it has been a LONG time. Hopefully I can actually squeeze at least one of these in during pregnancy, but again, no time.

-Facial: I have only ever had one of these in my life and it was AMAZING! I want one every month, but that just isn’t feasible. But I will save and splurge come summer!

-Accessories: One of my biggest obstacles in being glamorous is knowing how to accessorize, or taking the time to do it. So, I am going to set aside a special pot of money to take on down to Charming Charlie’s and Forever 21.

-Paleo: I lost all of my baby weight and then some by adopting the paleo diet last summer. The pounds literally just melted off. I am still half way doing it because my husband is Paleo all the way. But eating the best organic meat and veggies and lots of it costs extra money. So, my husband will be happy to know that I am going to be prepared to spend a little extra on our food budget.

Day 9 – The Unglamorous

The Unglamourous –

Truth time… Maybe it is just me, maybe I am predisposed to be unglamourous as long as I live. But I have been pregnant before, and I know there are A LOT of unglamourous things that come with pregnancy. Here is the all out truth about how truly unglamourous it is (at least for me).

· Stretch Marks – Not on my belly, that part remains pretty smooth. But going from a non existent A cup to a giant D cup overnight left me with some itchy, patchy, dry, purple spotted stretch marks under my arms where my bust took an unruly growth.
· Warts- I’m sooo embarrassed to admit this. But it’s true L Warts come from hormonal changes, and during my first pregnancy they sprouted on my knee and one of my big toes. Ewww! Then before I even learned of my expected baby boo #2 I saw this ugly guy sprout up on my knuckle. I tried to treat it early with the duct tape remedy, but it just kept getting bigger and bigger and I looked like a fool (or maybe a badass) with duct taped knuckles. I eventually abandoned the tape and just accepted it for what it is. Unglamourous.
(pic here)

· Fly away hairs /extra hairs in general – Currently I have been battling against a new growth of hairs on the back of my neck that are not long enough to go up in a pony tail. They are frizzy, uneven, and ugly. I am feeling lucky however, that I haven’t grown the extra peach fuzz on my face that I got when pregnant with my daughter Tylyn. In certain lighting it looked like I had a blonde bead. Sad but for realz y’all!

· Water retention – At the end of my last pregnancy I had so much water retention I looked like a chipmunk. I didn’t realize at the time, but looking back at pictures I am appalled at how huge my face, arms, and most horrifically my ankles were. Here is a very real picture of my ankles at the end of my pregnancy.

That would be my husbands thumb print. I promise I’m not 300 lbs people! Luckily, I am still in a very normal looking stage with this baby. I am 22 weeks and still wear around my pre preggo pants. I did use the belly band for the first time yesterday, but I’m just happy that I haven’t bloated yet.

Now, I know that everyone experiences pregnancy different. Some women claim (cough* Liars* cough) that they love being pregnant, feel amazing and beautiful. Well not for me. I have yet to experience the “glow” of pregnancy. If you have seen What to Expect When you’re Expecting, the character played by Elizabeth Banks is me!

I have heard that if you are pregnant with a girl they steal their mother’s beauty, and I will continue to use this as my excuse for being a sweaty, warty, hairy mess. I was that way with my first daughter and I am having a second little girl again. I will say, it’s totally worth it to have a sweet angle little girl that far exceeds your own beauty. I say it all the time, but I actually feel more beautiful every time I look at Tylyn because she is just so much more beautiful than me, and I MADE HER!