Day 3: “Not A Total Betty, But A Vast Improvement”

Today was a fairly good day with my glamor project. Far better than yesterday for sure. Knowing I needed a bit more instruction to guide me on my quest, I turned to none other than pinterest and started a glam board. I found this inspiration picture and figured I could pull it off for work.

I had all of the pieces, black pants, white flowy shirt, large beaded necklace and a black blazer, but for some reason I altered the entire outfit last minute and basically only kept with the collar inspiration.

I did find wearing heels to work automatically made me feel more glamorous. It also made me overly self conscious as I was clicking through the halls and feeling totally out of my element.

The rest of the look. Didn’t have a chance to iron my shirt. Oopsy.

When I got home from work my husband did tell me I looked glamorous as he grunted and “eyed” me. But I immediately changed into sweats and slippers anyway. After a few minutes wearing my husbands oversized sweatshirt and him snidely asking me if it was part of my glamorous project, I opted for a more glam sweat outfit. I had to look through a box of clothes in storage in our basement to find it, but I found it!

Juicy sweatsuit alla freshman year of college. It has some crusty areas on the velour but I felt pretty awesome sporting it!

Note: I have absolutely no clue if these are still in style and I probably looked like a tool wearing it, but it was precisely comfy to my pregnant desires and the jacket was short like a belly shirt which nicely displayed my emerging baby bump!

Tomorrow I am going to attempt the perfect high pony tail with hoop earrings and a highly glamified Friday casual ensemble. Wish. Me. Luck.

-Juicy and Loving it!

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