Day 7: Some rules are dumb

My husband is half heartedly supportive of my glamor project. Mostly because he doesn’t get it. For example, as a part of being more glamorous I decided to wear some of my favorite Burberry perfume that I have left alone behind the vanity mirror for over a year. The reason it was left alone for so long can easily be explained in my husbands reaction, or should I say, overreaction. At first whiff he began hacking and and gagging and acting as if he couldn’t breath. Soon came the “my eyes are burning” and “I can’t breathe” sentiments, and then finally the lecture about all of the hormones in fragrances and how bad extra estrogen is for our health…

But he does try to go along with my crazy little experiment, and when I semi-succeed in looking glamorous he gives me an excited “Wooo! Your looking glam baby ;)!

So, when he gave me a seemingly good piece of glamor advice I was all ears. He heard on the radio how important washing your makeup off at night is. This isn’t news to me, I’ve heard it all before. Usually I don’t bother washing my face until morning and then I wash it and directly reapply my makeup. I know it’s not the best, but it’s worked for me, and whenever I start a facial routine at night I abandon it after a few days. But i figured I could alter my routine and let my face breathe at night in hopes to look and be more glamorous.

So a few nights ago I started taking off my makeup at night and lone and behold this appeared

There was one on the other side too. An they are still hanging around, red as Rudolph! And I feel it important to say I haven’t had a zit like this for years!

Granted I was using my babies baby wipes to clean my face at night, but still…

I guess I will need to find a better face cleaning product and then try the night time washing again before I abandon it altogether.

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