Day 9 – The Unglamorous

The Unglamourous –

Truth time… Maybe it is just me, maybe I am predisposed to be unglamourous as long as I live. But I have been pregnant before, and I know there are A LOT of unglamourous things that come with pregnancy. Here is the all out truth about how truly unglamourous it is (at least for me).

· Stretch Marks – Not on my belly, that part remains pretty smooth. But going from a non existent A cup to a giant D cup overnight left me with some itchy, patchy, dry, purple spotted stretch marks under my arms where my bust took an unruly growth.
· Warts- I’m sooo embarrassed to admit this. But it’s true L Warts come from hormonal changes, and during my first pregnancy they sprouted on my knee and one of my big toes. Ewww! Then before I even learned of my expected baby boo #2 I saw this ugly guy sprout up on my knuckle. I tried to treat it early with the duct tape remedy, but it just kept getting bigger and bigger and I looked like a fool (or maybe a badass) with duct taped knuckles. I eventually abandoned the tape and just accepted it for what it is. Unglamourous.
(pic here)

· Fly away hairs /extra hairs in general – Currently I have been battling against a new growth of hairs on the back of my neck that are not long enough to go up in a pony tail. They are frizzy, uneven, and ugly. I am feeling lucky however, that I haven’t grown the extra peach fuzz on my face that I got when pregnant with my daughter Tylyn. In certain lighting it looked like I had a blonde bead. Sad but for realz y’all!

· Water retention – At the end of my last pregnancy I had so much water retention I looked like a chipmunk. I didn’t realize at the time, but looking back at pictures I am appalled at how huge my face, arms, and most horrifically my ankles were. Here is a very real picture of my ankles at the end of my pregnancy.

That would be my husbands thumb print. I promise I’m not 300 lbs people! Luckily, I am still in a very normal looking stage with this baby. I am 22 weeks and still wear around my pre preggo pants. I did use the belly band for the first time yesterday, but I’m just happy that I haven’t bloated yet.

Now, I know that everyone experiences pregnancy different. Some women claim (cough* Liars* cough) that they love being pregnant, feel amazing and beautiful. Well not for me. I have yet to experience the “glow” of pregnancy. If you have seen What to Expect When you’re Expecting, the character played by Elizabeth Banks is me!

I have heard that if you are pregnant with a girl they steal their mother’s beauty, and I will continue to use this as my excuse for being a sweaty, warty, hairy mess. I was that way with my first daughter and I am having a second little girl again. I will say, it’s totally worth it to have a sweet angle little girl that far exceeds your own beauty. I say it all the time, but I actually feel more beautiful every time I look at Tylyn because she is just so much more beautiful than me, and I MADE HER!


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