Glam Notes on my Week so Far

Writing everyday is proving to be much harder than I anticipated. I thought I would have time for a short post daily, but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. So please excuse me as I will probably be updating a bit more sporadically than I had originally anticipated.

Here are a few comments about my week so far:

Monday night- The Bachelor. Where do they find these girls? They are always lounging around in full hair and make up, perfectly quaffed and glamorous. It is my husband and my guilty pleasure to watch the drama ensue and mock the ridiculous contestants as they are so quick to tell this guy that they love him, but I can’t help but feel… well ugly as I sit there in my sweat pants and watch the beauty queens prance around the screen. So, this Monday I attempted to reapply my mascara and lip gloss and toss my hair into an impromptu high pony tail. I didn’t quite compare to the bachelorettes, but it wasn’t a wasted effort.

Tuesday – A fellow co-worker approached me in the hall when the following conversation ensued.

Him: “I have been trying to improve my social skills recently, and in my observations, I have noticed that you are either pregnant or becoming morbidly obese.”

Me: haha. Yes, I am pregnant.

Him: Oh Good. Well, Congratulations. (saunters off)

I must admit I was left a little bewildered. Was he actually serious about the morbidly obese part? I have barely gained 10 lbs, and most of my students haven’t even seemed to notice that I am pregnant (or at least they haven’t asked). And if he is trying to work on his social skills, I think he still has a bit of a ways to go before he masters sarcasm toward female coworkers. I went home and told the story to my husband and he didn’t seem to think anything of it. Maybe it’s a guy thing I don’t understand, but I still don’t think you should tell a pregnant woman that she looks morbidly obese.

Today/Wednesday – I have come to appreciate the importance of a good pair of black boots and a good pair of brown boots. They can go with any outfit from skirts and dresses to skinny pants. And they make my pregnant self feel glamorous despite the weight gain, back pain, fatique, and zit on my face that hasn’t gone away for weeks.




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