A Very Busy February

Dear Blog,

I am so sorry that I have been ignoring you recently. February has been a very, very, Very VERY busy and exhausting and crazy month. We last left off with my wonderful one-year-old’s birthday party which was indeed very glamorous. But since then my personal glamour/style has “gone out the window” (<sang to the tune of that one song). And here’s why…

After the birthday bash I tried to re-cooperate for a day, and I actually drafted a post that never got posted, so I will save it for a rainy day. Then, I went straight into starting work on a big painting/interior design project that I committed to. Yes, I may have mentioned this before, but my real passion/education/bachelors degree/work experience is as an interior designer. And I would love to do this part or full time, but for now I get a few projects here and there. This project included painting… painting a 15 foot wall with black and silver stripes, painting a giant master bedroom with some more funky stripe details and painting a kitchen island black. It was a lot of work, but the husband and I tackled it together and managed to get it done in a timely manner despite having to drive 45 minutes to the house, spend a couple of nights at my in-laws house all while having to juggle a now toddler. Little to say the results were very glamorous in deed.







February didn’t end here… The next BIG project was moving. Yep, we packed up our cute little duplex apartment and decided to move in with my parents. Dun dun dun. Although the very last thing a 25 year old with a husband and a family wants to do, we recently made some GIANT life decisions that have and will affect our finances for a little while.

For those interested in the Giant Life Change, my husband decided to retire from professional baseball. He has been in the minor league system playing with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization for the past 4 years, and made the very difficult and stressful decision to retire so he can begin a new and more stable career and lifestyle as well as be with his family and around for the birth of his new baby and so on. So, while we get our feet on the ground, we are committing 9 months to a year of our life to living in my parents finished basement. It won’t be so bad. When Tylyn was only 14 days old I moved her to Arizona for spring training where we lived in a studio apartment. Then we moved our family to South Bend, Indiana when she was about 1 ½ months old – and we lived with 5 baseball players living the wild crazy bachelor lifestyle. We uprooted once again (note the pattern of the unstable lifestyle of baseball…) to Visalia, California when she was 3 months old and lived out of a bedroom of a host family house and finally moved back home when she was 6 months old. All in all this was our 7th move in the first year of our daughters life. So, I am kind of relieved to stay put for a little while, or at least until I can no longer possibly continue to live with my mother.

Here are some pics of our new “Dungeness Digs”. I will say it looks a lot better down there with all of our furniture then it did with the hodge podge of junk my mom had stored down there. We did do a lot of work cleaning up and selling old furniture in the weeks before we officially moved.

Nothing like the caliber of design I typically put into our homes. But it should do for a bit.

And somewhere amongst all of this moving and painting, I took on developing a logo and website for a nonprofit organization. And making an awesome invitation for my brother-in-laws graduation party.


Once March 1st hits I am going to feel so very relieved- that is until the next project I take on.

Until then, Stay Glamorous!


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