Throwback Thursday- Designer Issue

Today’s post is a special Throwback Thursday where I will show off some of my glamorous style as a designer. After finishing college with my BA in interior design, I embarked on a very big renovation project to give myself and growing family a place to call home. Before I started the place was just skin and bones or studs and plywood to be exact. 20130328-152809.jpg The area you are looking at here is the framing for the bathroom in the back corner and where the kitchen will be along the right wall. 20130328-152852.jpg This is obviously the area under the stairs, where the hot water heater was installed. 20130328-152909.jpg This is the upstairs, after I insulated all of the walls, and before drywall of course!

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After over a year of blood, sweat and tears (and a bit of moolah) we had a perfectly small space, ready for our growing family. And of course, once you move in, you have to make things more livable and always continue to renovate!

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Of course our little studio space was soon getting too small once we had a toddler and second baby on the way. So we are hopefully on to bigger and better (but lets hope bigger) things!


Trend Setter Tuesday

If you have not yet noticed by my titles so far this week. I am trying to blog more often by having somewhat consistent topics for specific days of the week. As yesterday was Style Watch Monday, today is Trend Setting Tuesdays. On some Tuesdays throughout my year, I am going to try and “set new trends” per the request of one of my only readers! Holla! I am in no way ahead of the fashion trends, except when it comes to interior design. So even coming up with the slightest ideas for a new trend to wear today I was dumbfounded. So I turned to my trusted friend google and searched for the newest and most outrageous trends. Here is what I found.

Sun Glasses that do in fact shield your eyes from the sun… As well as from everything else.

Japanese clown fashion

Saline forehead implants and vampire teeth. I need beyonce’s sunglasses for this one for sure!

And my favorite, these luscious lashes!

Now I am not quite daring enough to embark on any of these high fashion trends, so today, I pulled out just about the only idea that my brain could possibly fathom.

Pairing Stripes with Stripes!


I have no clue if this is already a trend, or still a huge fashion faux pas, but when I put it on and asked my husband if it looked ok he said it looked good. Not that he is an expert or anything, but I like to think he would stop me before going out in public looking too ridiculous.

I think this trend might actually work if at least my stripes were the same colors. But my dress is black and white and my sweater is navy and white. And the whites don’t quite match either. But I am kinda a fan of the different sized stripes together. So there you go! I “started” a new trend! Plus I am wearing another Maxi dress! Woooo!

Style Watch Monday – Maxi Dress

Maxi dress: The most glamorous mommy moomoo ever…

I have found the one and only piece of apparel that I can wear while being pregnant and still feel a smidgeon glamorous! Mommy moomoo’s are looking super glam in the form of the Maxi dress. I must confess, that I have never embraced the maxi dress until a few weeks ago. I just didn’t think it was a trend that I could pull off, and I felt bigger wearing a long, flowy dress that seemed to swallow people up. But in looking for pictures of glamorous pregnant celebrities, I found that they sure love rocking the Maxi during their pregnancies.




I just love Jessica Alba! She always looks glamorous and classy!


Mama Kourtney Kardashian looks good in her white frocks!



And although I am not a huge fan of hers (team Jessica Simpson) I think Vanessa Manillo (<is that right?!) looks amazing as an expecting mommy!

Alas, I decided that since the weather is getting nicer, and my belly (and every other part of my body) is getting bigger I would give in and try the style.

And I love it! I bought 2 maxi dresses last week, and spent all weekend in them! Not only are they actually kindof glamorous, but they are WAY more comfortable than strapping my belly into a pair of pants with belly bands, tank tops and all those other pieces of tight apparel trying to belt in the bulge.

I am suddenly even more inspired to go back to the mall and buy two more today! Then I will be close to having a different dress to wear every day of the week! I hope it isn’t too much of a faux pas to recycle the same 5-7 outfits week after week after week (for the next 10 weeks 😉 )




So here is my glamorous Maxi look from the weekend. Got to go on a date with my hubby to boot! Even my shoes were rather glam!

Yummy St. Patty Treats!

I know I said today I was going to post my Glamour Shot photo attempt. And I had every intention of doing so… I showered, blew out my hair, put on makeup… The works. But then I ran out of time! Baby woke up from her nap and we were busy running errands the rest of the day. But fear not, Glamour Shots are at the top of my ToDo List.

So for today, I bring you a recipe! I am not a foodie by any means and most everything I cook is meat and veggies with little experimentation or variation. Remember my husband is paleo. But for St. Pat’s Day, I found the most enticing recipe on Pinterest (where else?!). These are Brussel Sprouts stuffed with deliciousness!

Step 1: hallow out the sprout.

This does require a wee bit of boiling first eh, lad.

Step 2: Sauté the inside of the sprouts with garlic and EVOO until it smells oh so deliciously good


Step 3: mix the sauté stuff with some ricotta cheese, parmesan, almond meal (this was my substitute for the called for bread crumbs to make it gluten free), some herbs (basil, thyme, sage) and salt and pepper to taste! It’s magically delicious!


Step 4: stuff those babies and bake! Makes for a very elegant and scrumptious appetizer! Voila!


It is worth the time to try this recipe! Very easy and oh so good! I feel glamourous just thinking about it! Happy St. Patricks Day!

Friday Funnies

We have all seen them and know them well. It is easy to make fun of glamour shots like these:





But is this really so much different than Kim K here?

The hat, the pointless prop… I think the lady with the deck of cards hit the Glam nail on the head! She channeled Kim K all the way! Or maybe Kim was channeling her…?

So if we follow the rules for creating great glamour shots we have the above:
Rule 1: wear a hat
Rule 2: hold a prop

Then we have Rule 3: hands on the face


A.K.A. Hands on face


And rule 4: the pouty lip


A.K.A. The pouty lip


And I’ll throw in Rule 5: wind blown hair and Rule 6: sensual pose



Stay tuned for tomorrows post where I will be attempting my very own glamour shot based on the above rules! I am actually very excited about this!

Starbucks is Glamorous. Or is it?

Starbucks is Glamorous. Or is it?

Made popular through instagram (I think) are the countless photo’s of people posting their starbucks cups with a lipstick smooches on them. When did this become so glamorous? And a better question, “why”?

Let’s get REEAAALL honest for a moment. Starbucks has subpar coffee at best. I think most people would actually agree with this. I choose local coffee shops over Starbucks a lot of the time, but do also slip into the Bucks for their convenience and the simple fact that they are on every corner. But the local coffee shops always prove to have better coffee, more options, delicious concoctions, a groovier atmosphere, better food… well the list really does go on. But why don’t you see people posting their glamorous lips smooched onto a non descript coffee cup on instagram? Probably because it is not a recognized chain. I guess it is a lot more glamorous to say look I just got a non fat caramel macchiato from Starbucks versus my favorite Mexi Mocha from a drive thru coffee stand. But the Mexi Mocha is seriously AMAZING! (Muah!)


This topic opens up a whole can of worms about the topic of what really is glamorous. Just because something is recognized or branded with a name that holds some status doesn’t necessicarily mean that it is better. But it is part of the celebrity culture we live in. Obviously if we see a celeb wearing ray bans they are going to grow in popularity even if they aren’t the most flattering glasses on one’s particular face. The same is true with handbags, jeans, jewelry, and everything else. I personally think the “boyfriend jeans” are really unflattering when I see celebs wearing them, but they have made them super popular.

Really not glamorous. Looks like a bunch of grungies to me.

But since part of being glamorous seems to be following the trends, I stopped at Starbucks this morning and got myself a caramel macchiato. I even took a pic of it and posted it to Instagram. Please excuse my chipped nail poslish and the missing lipstick smooch anywhere on the cup. I will be more prepared next time.



Can’t sleep- wide awake

Dear Glamorous Project,

Here I am, lying in bed and can’t shut my mind off to go to sleep. I hate when this happens. Sleep is something I love and always wish I had more of, so nights like this are unbearable for the mere thought that I would really like to be sleeping right now.

It’s not the issue of being glamorous that has my mind reeling but everything else- everything that seems so Unglamorous and out of place right now. I have good days where I am happy with the sacrifices we are making for our future (*cough* living with my parents *cough*) but then I have bad days too. Maybe it’s my pregnancy hormones but today seems to be one of those bad days. Here is what my brain is saying to me:

1. “You have wasted the last 4 years of your life teaching design instead of doing design.” I spend every day with high schoolers who could care less about design and architecture and art while it’s where my passion and expertise truly lies. I have so much fear about quitting and starting to actually do interior design on my own. There are a million reasons I could rattle off as to why I don’t take the plunge, but tonight the one reason I have to take the plunge is winning out; “because it is what I love to do!” I see other people succeed in their own businesses when they take the risk and put 100% into it. So tonight I prayed for that courage and peace. So that I can trust that God will give me the desires of my heart and bless my family abundantly!

2. “You have a growing family and are living in a basement.” Yes I am. And it’s not fun. It is not easy. And I do not want to be doing this. But it is best for my family and our future. When I see so many friends our age buying houses and setting up a permanent lifestyle it is hard to see the positive and rationale in the decision to move. Mostly I just want so much more for my family. I want to be a better wife who is always on top of cooking and cleaning and just seems to have it all together. And I want to be a mom who’s kids have all that they need -toys, clothes, bedrooms… But those things aren’t really as important and the significant as our culture makes them. What is truly important are the things I do offer my husband and kids- time together, hugs, kisses galore, and so much more! So tonight I also prayed for this bit of envy to be removed from my mind and that I have the wisdom to see the truth and value in what I am providing my family.

3. “you need to stick with an idea and go for it!” My husband is too right for putting this one in my head. I have a bit of design A.D.D. I always have a million projects and ideas at any given time that I never just see one idea through and fully commit to it. It’s like I know I have the ability to design logos and websites, and plan weddings and parties, and make cool custom invitations, and make furniture, and paint and give interior design consultations but maybe or SURELY I would have more success if I just focused on one of these instead of all of them. But then the question is which one?! I think I know the answer- the problem is that the one I would choose is the hardest and scariest to tackle.

So my dear blog… Don’t you see what happens when I let my mind loose and let all of the big issues weigh me down! This is precisely why I need to focus on the smaller daily task of being more glamorous, more self confident and then maybe from that these other issues will magically sort themselves out.

Here’s to hoping (that I can now fall asleep ;))