Why write about being Glamorous?

Now that I have been writing on this silly topic for several weeks now, and because I am to ashamed to share the link with family or friends, I think it is time I better explain why I am writing about becoming glamorous – then maybe I won’t be too ashamed to share my blog with others.

1. Life is just too darn serious. I am one of those people that can get really wrapped up in the state of the world these days, and want to spend my time talking about/ranting about/ contemplating how everything is just so messed up. And I figured it was all just a big waste of time. I would much rather spend my time thinking about something far less stressful and fun. Like being glamorous. You see, I have other blogs – blogs where I share my thoughts on those bigger life issues, and it takes me forever to write a blog post because I have TOO much to say! Being a teacher adds a lot to my constant contemplation on the way things are. I work in a broken system – where there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight. And I am often tempted to write about and complain about the education system. But that too is pointless. It doesn’t change anything; it just makes me frustrated with my job.
2. I am trying to be a more pleasant pregnant lady this time around. I don’t think I was particularly unpleasant during my last pregnancy but I can say for sure that I didn’t enjoy being pregnant. And I figure pregnancy really should be more enjoyable than I made it out to be. It is only fair to the beautiful and perfect baby growing inside of me. I desperately wish I could be the pregnant lady that is glowing and smiling all the time and just loves everything about being pregnant. And if I can’t be that way naturally then maybe my attitude could actually change my natural disposition to being an uncomfortable pregnant lady. Therefore, focusing on being glamorous can only help the cause!
3. A way to be happy with what I have – If you read my post yesterday, you may have a glimpse into the ever changing and unstable life that being a wife to a minor league baseball player has brought. And with my husband’s recent change of careers there is even more uncertainty on the horizon. While we are constantly making big life moves, many of my friends are settling into a stable lifestyle – buying homes, happy with their careers, etc. And as ashamed as I am to admit it, it’s hard not to be jealous of what I don’t have. And in all seriousness, my blogging about being glamorous is helping me recognize what I do have and being completely content with it! I have a beautiful daughter, an awesome husband, a supportive family and I trust that everything else will fall into place where it should. Instead of dwelling on the fact that I don’t have my own house to decorate or any money to spend on anything extra, I want to share how we (my husband and I) make do with what we have and how we are pretty awesome at it!

There are a million other little factors that I could address, and I touch on some of them on my ‘about’ page. Obviously I don’t think being glamorous is super important. I am not a superficial person by any means and do not foresee me becoming that way. My writings here are more of a tongue in cheek look into my own life, a hopeless attempt at gaining something out of silly little projects and an introspective look at myself.

So far, so good!

One thought on “Why write about being Glamorous?

  1. dizzypru says:

    Hi – I like your title. No reason to be ashamed 🙂 I was in freakishly awesome shape all through college, law school and beyond. Then I moved back to my home state, bought a house, got married, had a baby, etc. I pretty much jumped off the happy, pursuing excellence train and jumped right on the pity party express. I stopped working out, stopped eating right, had (still have) a high stress job as an attorney, etc. Last year, I started reading every book I could find about Paleo. I’m convinced it’s the right thing for me and, eventually, my family. My sister and I started calling our desire to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle “The Pretty Tour.” Possibly an even sillier name than yours 🙂 I too am on a journey to be happy and grateful for the blessings I already have. I wasn’t ballsy enough to call my blog The Pretty Tour, so good for you for being brave and committed. Good luck going forward. I hope to catch your postings as they happen. Take care.

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