Some Paleo Inspiration

Today’s post is going to be about diet and exercise. Real exciting, I know. But for me, one of the worst things about being pregnant is gaining weight and getting bigger. I have already shown pictures of how uncomfortable I got during the end of my last pregnancy with my swollen ankles, and having gained like 65 lbs! I really badly want to avoid that much weight gain this time around, but I am starting to think it might just be the way my body handles pregnancy. Anyway, with all of that in mind, I was looking back at pictures from a few months ago, right before I got pregnant, and was shocked with how fit I was. Probably the most fit I have been in my whole life. So let me back up a little.

I have always been very active. For many years I was a ballet dancer- spending 3-4 hours every night at the dance studio, burning calorie after calorie. And for that reason, I ate just about anything and everything I wanted. When I stopped ballet, I kept eating like a dancer and soon realized I couldn’t eat that way without the same amount of exercise. So, I started running. I have never been a long distance runner but enjoy short 2 mile runs. And they seemed to do the trick to get me back down to a comfortable weight. As a freshman in college in the always sunny Arizona, I kicked up my exercise and tanning routine, partly to keep busy and partly because everyone in the AZ is tan and fit! Aside from a few months ago, this was probably the best shape of my life. Long story short, since then I have mixed up my running with some at home workout video’s “Turbo Fire” and have maintained a level of fitness I have been very happy with!

Now on to post pregnancy #1: After Tylyn was born I lost most of my baby weight right away- all that I was left with was about 10 lbs to get back to normal. I went back to my home work out video’s to try to lose those last ten, but wasn’t seeing many results. Granted there were some other factors, like my uterus shrinking back to it’s normal size and the fact that I couldn’t give my exercise routine 100% as I was still healing from child birth. Summer came, we were in California living with a host family and I couldn’t just commandeer their living room to jump around to my video’s. So I kind of gave up on working out for the time being. But it didn’t make wearing a swimming suit around my new baseball wife friends easy.

For months my husband had been trying to convince me to switch over to his way of eating – basically the Paleo way. I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner because I was cooking for him and then making myself my own food. Once I decided to take the plunge into Paleo it saved me on some extra cooking time. For 2 weeks I committed to the boot camp diet consisting of meat and vegetables, no fruit, no salad dressings, no sauces, and absolutely no carbs. At first the cravings were intense and I felt like I was starving despite eating about 5 times a day. But after the first week it became manageable, and then at the end of the second week I had a cheat day. I ate a bunch of junk food and made myself so sick that the thought of eating carbs no longer even appealed to me. After that I continued eating paleo about 85% of the time. I cheated every once in a while but mostly maintained a meat and veggie diet. And the results speak for themselves. (*Note: While going paleo I was not exercising. This weight loss was based on diet alone).

Pre-diet: hard to tell but a couple extra lbs that I didn’t like.

From a trip to Sequoia National Forest. Mostly I am not proud of how my tank top and short shorts seemed to fit.

My lovely little sister made this awful photo public a few months back. Still a little extra weight pre-paleo diet.



The above were after just about 1 month of the paleo diet 85% of the time. I’m not entirely sure but I dropped about 15 lbs.

And this goofy picture my husband took as proof that diet alone can do more than exercise alone.

And lastly my now back to preggo, ever growing belly 😀


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