Starbucks is Glamorous. Or is it?

Starbucks is Glamorous. Or is it?

Made popular through instagram (I think) are the countless photo’s of people posting their starbucks cups with a lipstick smooches on them. When did this become so glamorous? And a better question, “why”?

Let’s get REEAAALL honest for a moment. Starbucks has subpar coffee at best. I think most people would actually agree with this. I choose local coffee shops over Starbucks a lot of the time, but do also slip into the Bucks for their convenience and the simple fact that they are on every corner. But the local coffee shops always prove to have better coffee, more options, delicious concoctions, a groovier atmosphere, better food… well the list really does go on. But why don’t you see people posting their glamorous lips smooched onto a non descript coffee cup on instagram? Probably because it is not a recognized chain. I guess it is a lot more glamorous to say look I just got a non fat caramel macchiato from Starbucks versus my favorite Mexi Mocha from a drive thru coffee stand. But the Mexi Mocha is seriously AMAZING! (Muah!)


This topic opens up a whole can of worms about the topic of what really is glamorous. Just because something is recognized or branded with a name that holds some status doesn’t necessicarily mean that it is better. But it is part of the celebrity culture we live in. Obviously if we see a celeb wearing ray bans they are going to grow in popularity even if they aren’t the most flattering glasses on one’s particular face. The same is true with handbags, jeans, jewelry, and everything else. I personally think the “boyfriend jeans” are really unflattering when I see celebs wearing them, but they have made them super popular.

Really not glamorous. Looks like a bunch of grungies to me.

But since part of being glamorous seems to be following the trends, I stopped at Starbucks this morning and got myself a caramel macchiato. I even took a pic of it and posted it to Instagram. Please excuse my chipped nail poslish and the missing lipstick smooch anywhere on the cup. I will be more prepared next time.



One thought on “Starbucks is Glamorous. Or is it?

  1. dizzypru says:

    Loved the commentary! Although, being glamorous may also mean being ahead of the times. You should start the first “non-descript” coffee house trend! 🙂 I don’t even know what a “Mexi Mocha” is, but it sounds delish. Kudos to the boyfriend jean trend observation – one of the dumpier looks out of Hollywood for sure!

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