Trend Setter Tuesday

If you have not yet noticed by my titles so far this week. I am trying to blog more often by having somewhat consistent topics for specific days of the week. As yesterday was Style Watch Monday, today is Trend Setting Tuesdays. On some Tuesdays throughout my year, I am going to try and “set new trends” per the request of one of my only readers! Holla! I am in no way ahead of the fashion trends, except when it comes to interior design. So even coming up with the slightest ideas for a new trend to wear today I was dumbfounded. So I turned to my trusted friend google and searched for the newest and most outrageous trends. Here is what I found.

Sun Glasses that do in fact shield your eyes from the sun… As well as from everything else.

Japanese clown fashion

Saline forehead implants and vampire teeth. I need beyonce’s sunglasses for this one for sure!

And my favorite, these luscious lashes!

Now I am not quite daring enough to embark on any of these high fashion trends, so today, I pulled out just about the only idea that my brain could possibly fathom.

Pairing Stripes with Stripes!


I have no clue if this is already a trend, or still a huge fashion faux pas, but when I put it on and asked my husband if it looked ok he said it looked good. Not that he is an expert or anything, but I like to think he would stop me before going out in public looking too ridiculous.

I think this trend might actually work if at least my stripes were the same colors. But my dress is black and white and my sweater is navy and white. And the whites don’t quite match either. But I am kinda a fan of the different sized stripes together. So there you go! I “started” a new trend! Plus I am wearing another Maxi dress! Woooo!

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