The countdown begins…

It is coming to an end. I have only 8 weeks left until my sweet baby girl is set to arrive. And by my calculations I am estimating more like 6-7 weeks! This is leaving us with a whole lot to do and not a lot of time to do it…

My husband is starting a personal training business and ordering top of the line weight training equipment for his training gym. The equipment is supposed to arrive in 6-8 weeks. Sound familiar? I guess we will have the “perfect storm” where I am in labor at the same time he is needing to get his business up and running. But we seem to thrive on busy chaos, so I am sure it will all work out nicely.

Recently has been a lot of busy chaos; taking care of one thing after another. And although I am super anxious for our baby to arrive, I am not sure the reality of raising a toddler and infant has quite hit me yet. Mostly I am looking forward to no longer being pregnant.

This blog is about me trying to be more glamorous. Obviously. But for the next 8 weeks being glamorous is just not a realistic option. I was holding it together pretty well up to this point. Yet, over the weekend, by belly grew several inches and baby’s limbs have taken up residence in my ribs and hips. My lungs and other vital organs are being pushed aside and smooshed which make simple tasks difficult and tolling. No longer can I bend over to paint my toes or even tie my shoes (back to the Ugg slippers for me!). Climbing a flight of stairs leaves me panting, and my 1 year old must be sensing that a change is coming because she wants me to be holding or carrying her at all times. “Up” is her favorite and most clearly spoken word.

Now, I must at least try to accomplish a glamorous goal or 2 in the next 6-8 weeks, so on Friday night I gave myself a teeny makeover which included box dying my hair and cutting bangs to attempt to disguise the fact that I grow a new chin every week. Obviously not going to have a professional do these services for me isn’t glamorous at all, but I just figure why pay someone to do something I can do myself?


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