ProLete Fitness

So with all the crazyness that comes with having a baby, why not start a business too?

I have alluded to the fact that my husband I were starting a business and it is now underway. During the last few months we have been getting ready by doing a little renovating to the space where our business is, and then spent several weeks waiting for the equipment to arrive, and now we are actually in business. And when I say we, I really mean my husband. Basically I am the moral support. And my name is on all of the paper work.

Oh yea, did I forget to mention the business is a gym?! That is right… I have personal and 24/7 access to my own personal, personal training gym! It’s a cool idea, and an idea is all it is for me since I have yet to be able to try out any of the equipment (3 more weeks til I am good to go).

Anyway, it is all VERY exciting and VERY, VERY GLAMOROUS! Just take a look for yourself.

Photo’s by the wonderful

Aside from getting the space ready and all set up we had a video and photo shoot to make some promo materials. The video is still in the works but here is a preview of the awesome photo’s from the shoot. Shoutouts to our buff and fit friends Ashley and JD for helping us out on this one! Sadly, I didn’t model my 8  1/2 months pregnant body for the shoot.

JD  ashley Pro photo

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