Let us Commence Phase 1: Paleo

Well, here I am 5 weeks after having a baby…

The initial baby weight came off just fine – I was loosing about 2 lbs a day starting out, and then it kinda … just… stopped. I am technically not cleared to excersie until after 6 weeks, (and let’s be honest, with 2 kids I am grateful for a 6 week excuse!) but I am going to kickstart my weight loss by going back on the Paleo diet! I have been on one day, off the next for the last 2 weeks, but I figure if I announce my diet on my ‘oh so public’ blog then maybe I will feel more accountability. Going on the Paleo diet was so successful and getting back into shape after my first baby (remember) that I hope it does the trick the second time around.

And there really is no accountability without data. So here are my (gasp) current measurements:

weight: 148

I guess that is the only measurement…

And here are some pictures. Warning: do not look if you are offended by skin, specifically tummies!




I couldn’t resist adding a selfie 😉

Hopefully the next 10 lbs come off fairly easily. I am in no hurry to have my husband kill me in the gym.

Keepin it real #glamorous

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