Phase 2: Teeth

A quick post today…

My husband likes to comment on how white me teeth used to be. Like when we look at pictures from high school (before the spider veins, hormone/pregnancy induced warts, and boob stretch marks) he always points out how white my teeth were. I guess picking up the coffee habit hasn’t helped my glamorous routine over the past 8 (YIKES) years since high school. Well easy fix, right?! Wrong. Everytime I plan on buying teeth whitening strips, I make it to the store- then to the personal hygiene isle – then I see the price tag – then GUILT! Ranging from $30-$45 for teeth whitening never seems to fit into the monthly budget and is something I never feel comfortable splurging on. But on our last family field trip to our Mecca of shopping, Target, I made the leap and bought some white strips.

And now, over the next 10 days, I am committed to glamifying my teeth!

Oh yeah Baby!

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