Home-made Glamorous

Today I was so happy to finally meet my friend Whitney’s new baby Selah! She is a BEAUTIFUL baby with a BEAUTIFUL name.

Whitney not only has a baby 7 weeks younger than my baby Hadley, but also has a toddler only 2 months older than my Tylyn! That is 2 perfect sets of little baby girl playmates! I must say there is so much blessing in having friends with kids!

So, for baby Selah, I embarked on a sewing/DIY adventure to make some sweet baby gifts as sweet as her. I made her some custom burp cloths that fit perfectly around your neck so they won’t slip off, a baby blanket, and a letter sign of her name!

The letters are wrapped in string for a cool texture and color with added flower details.

The burp cloths are a combination of soft pink cotton fabrics with either creme quilted backs or grey terry cloth backing.

And here I am sporting the burp cloth.

I meant to take a picture of how I wrapped the gift in the baby blanket- like this:

20130802-145213.jpg … But of course I forgot 😦

So cheers to my DIY sewing project and to another precious baby girl!

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