Glamorous things From the Fall

It has almost been a year since I began this blog, with aspirations to post daily. My goal fell short, and my posts have trickled off since I had my second baby! But a lot has happened since I last wrote so I have LOTS to share!

My daily desire to be glamorous is still a struggle but I have indeed managed to be glamorous on occasion. Here is a glimpse of a few occasions.



We took our babies to the pumpkin patch to ramp up our holiday fun and Van Winkle Family Field Trips! It was a success and a beautiful day for October in the Pacific Northwest!

Then came time to decorate the pumpkins. I’m not a fan of carving so I tend to opt for paint or other fun pumpkin projects! This year all it called for was a bit of Elmer’s glue and some sparkle! It was exactly like the art projects I did in 1st Grade: paint polka dots with glue, pour on glitter, shake off onto newspaper and VOILA!


Last years pumpkins were actually much more involved so I was very happy with the simplicity.

Last years silhouette pumpkins.

Once we had completed our pumpkins it was time to figure out costumes! I dropped the ball last year and didn’t have a costume for Tylyn’s First Halloween. So I had to make up for it this year. I found some pink chevron leggings and an owl hat on Zulily which prompted me to complete her Owl costume.

All I made was a onesie with felt feathers. It cost maybe $3, as I used an old long sleeve onesie that she was about to outgrow. I cut feather shapes out of the felt, attached them with hot glue and lastly made 2 felt wings to glue onto the back.

About an hour before going trick or treating I showed Tylyn what it was all about with a practice run. Once she learned it was all about candy she was ready to roll! She would have trick-or-treated all night, if I would have let her.

Now for Hadley’s costume… I found an inspiation picture from Pinterest of a candy corn costume that I loved and aspired to make it myself. When I showed the woman at the fabric store she crushed my dreams by telling me it was crocheted. I can’t do that!

Luckily I didn’t give up hope and found some fuzzy fabric very similar. The only problem was it only came in white! Again, I didn’t let a little thing like color stop me so I bought some dye to change the color myself! I even managed to contain the mess!

The next step was to sew it together. I’m a beginner at best and still need my moms help to thread the machine. I made my own pattern and got to work! It went smoothly and without a “snag” (pardon my pun), and my results were pretty awesome!



The one mistake I did make, and realized when I saw an actual candy corn, was that the yellow and orange blocks should have been switched (yellow on the bottom and orange in the middle). No big thing.

My kids are so cute that I just have to leave you with a couple more images.





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