High Low Challenge

One of my favorite ways to design is by giving myself my own little “High-Low Challenges”. Meaning, I look for a high end design that I L❤VE and I try to recreate it on a limited budget. Because, just like everyone else, I want a high end look without breaking the bank.

My “High-End” Design Inspiration:

These White Chippendale style dining chairs from http://www.homedecoratorscollection.com are currently on sale for $161 each!

Let’s face it, I don’t have $600+ for dining chairs!

But a little scouring of the ole’ Craigslist ads and I found these beauties:

4 Chippendale style chairs! And for a grand total of $25! Can you say “STEAL”! Time to give these gals a face lift:

Step 1: Prep
I always use a foam sanding block to rough up the surface of the wood so the paint will stick. Then I paint a base coat with a primer sealer. This was necessary because I was painting a dark stain with white paint. It ultimately saved me an extra coat.

Step 2: Paint
I always use a foam roller and foam brushes. They are cheap and the paint sticks to the wood easier than with a bristol brush. Make sure to catch all drips… while painting furniture you are bound to have a lot of them!


Step 3: Upholstery
I found a beautiful and simple tan linen upholstery. After detaching the seats I simply used a staple gun, making sure to pull the fabric taut. Here are some example photos for newbies:





Step 4: Admire


Luckily, I finished these chairs just in time for Thanksgiving. We expanded our table and added to our previous DIY Silver X-back chairs with our new Chippendale chairs for a table set for 8! I love mixing vintage inspired items with classical pieces and modern aesthetics.


With the chairs in place I began to set our Thanksgiving table. The stage was laid with some burlap fabric I had in storage, and then metallic $1chargers allowed me to mimic the metallic on my x-Back chairs. I mixed gold a silver so that neither metallic would dominate the setting. I pulled out our wedding china for the first time, pleased to find how perfectly it went with my new Chippendale chairs. I elongated the centerpiece down the table’s aisle complete with white candles, a hammered silver votive, pine cones, and a gold/silver metallic owl (found for $7). I found a spool of twine in the garage and tied it around the center of each napkin, giving a bowtie shape. The table was set. The result was simply stunning.





High-Low Challenge Success!

High- $600+. Low- $35

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