Updated Nursery Decor

As we gear up to move my nesting has kicked in to OVERDRIVE! Or should I say OVERDESIGN! No… there is never “over designing” going on here. My little girlies will be sharing a room, and hopefully become the best of friends in the process..! Utilizing all of the furniture that we already have here are my design plans and the added elements to spruce it up!

White, Black, Pink and Gold nursery

Let me start to set the stage with the gold polka dot wall decals from Urban Walls. Being in an apartment and unable to paint the walls makes these wall decals the PERFECT solution! Be still my gold polka dotted heart!

My 8 month old sleeps in a crib and my 2 year old had been updated to a toddler bed. Although in anticipation for the next upgrade to a Twin bed, I am planning for the future with twin bedding in mind. Both the white crib and toddler bed were cheap finds. One was a craigslist buy and the other a hand-me-down from a friend. My personal note is not to spend an arm and a leg on furniture that you will be over and done with in a few short years. Part of me thinks a big investment on a crib is okay, because you can use it for future children. But then I stop and ask myself, would I really want a white crib for a boy baby too? My taste changes so often that I don’t need to spend a fortune on stuff that I can find for a fraction of the cost at a consignment store! Plus it leaves extra money for the fun and frilly things that really make the room unique!

We have 2 white Ikea cube shelves that we have used for toy storage with wicker bins and a changing pad on top. It is the perfect storage solution and the perfect height for diaper changes! The last piece of furniture that will be in the room (not shown above) is an antique dresser with a tilt beveled mirror that my mom gave me. I painted it white of course, and am hoping to update the knobs to these elegant white owl ones from Anthropologie. (Here’s to hoping they go on sale!!)

The biggest dilemma I had was on a rug. I know it isn’t necessary with carpet, but it is one of those finishing touches that just can’t be ignored. Plus the more cushion the better when you have a little dare devil that tries to walk at 8 months old. I was always thinking a big faux sheepskin, but then when I made my design board, I thought it needed one last splash of color. I decided on this red, pink and white color block rug from Ikea. It is a runner and will fit perfectly between the crib and toddler bed. Then of course I have to include the plush sheepskin throws too. They are only $10 at Ikea so I am sure I will find a fitting place for them in the space.

My other ode to owl’s in the room is a white owl lamp found at Land Of Nod. I am hoping a few treasure hunts at thrift stores might land me something that I can DIY for a fraction of the cost. We will see.

I recently came across Ashley Goldburg Prints on etsy  and fell in love with this one because it reminds me of my toddler.

Em Then I found out that Land of Nod has this exact print on a pillow! Score! I cant play favorites and get just one pillow, so I am getting 2! Each with a different sketch of a cute little girl with wide eyes! ❤ While Searching the Nod website, I fell in love with the balloon quilt and striped sheets. Lucky me, I found similar stripe crib sheets on amazon. But, the balloon bedding will have to be one of my SPLURGE purchases down the road.

About a year ago I bought the tiered ruffle curtain off Amazon. I of course was inspired by a similar one at Urban Outfitters for 4x the price. It is just too easy to be thrifty! 😉

My last inspiration item is the tassel garland found in the etsy shop Studio Mucci. What a fun a frilly way to spice up the space for a couple of cute little girls!

That’s all for now, I can’t wait to show you the end result!

And check out my etsy shop: http://www.winkinkbooks.etsy.com


Bedroom DreamzzZZ!

We are gearing up and getting ready to move! HOLLA! I am so excited and haven’t been able to contain my interior designer self.

Among many projects currently in the works, I have plans to update our bedroom into a serene and beautiful sanctuary- while still on a minimal budget of course…

Currently, Our bedroom furniture is dark chocolate brown, with sage and creme bedding. I loved the look of the furniture when it was in our loft bedroom before:

But it just seems like in an old and dank apartment it wont look fresh and crisp like it did here (new construction). The bed frame above is a double and a hand-me-down from my mom. It is high time that my husband and I UPsize to a Queen. All the more room for morning snuggles with our 2 little girls. The dressers are from Ikea. I really liked them when I bought them, but now I feel like they are too masculine. And let’s face it, I want my bedroom to be feminine, Feminine, FEMININE!!!

So, here are the inspiration pictures I collected for my new room.

<3 all about this

What I love:

The small zebra rug with the white and black trunk. And guess who has an old trunk just waiting for a coat of paint >This Girl<

The silver/stainless side tables. I have a rectangular mirror table that will suit the same look at a price of $0.

The modern white dresser and large white mirror.

Chic White Bedroom

What I love:

-The white furniture.

-The upholstered headboard

-The gold tassel throw blanket.

-The polka dot metallic pillows

-The neutral patterned drapes

My Design Plan

bedroom inspiration

With my MAX budget at $250, I have to be very thrifty in changing basically EVERYTHING about my current room.

To start, I am going to paint my IKEA dressers white, and add a stenciled pattern on the bluish colored frosted glass, in hopes to create a similar effect to these white, mirrored dressers from Zgallerie. I will be creating my own upholstered headboard, which I have done in the past and have confidence in. And I will also be making my own drapes in a neutral Ikat fabric.

For the longer dresser/console. I found and old, tacky dresser console that needs a little love. But a fresh coat of paint and some updated gold hardware should do the trick!

Then there is the large white mirror to hang above the console. I found someone selling a large rectangle mirror for only $20 (STEAL!) that I had my eyes on. But then, while window shopping at Home Goods, I saw an already white, large decorative mirror for about $60. This is where I want to splurge. Is it worth the extra work and time just to save

Sometime down the road I will look for that Oh So Beautiful tassely, sprakly blanket and some shiny lamps with black shades, but that doesn’t fit into the current budget.

Currently I’ll continue collecting, sewing and painting my way into my dream bedroom. Can’t wait to update you once we FINALLY move!

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Last year I threw a GiANT Birthday party for my daughters 1st B-Day and I swore I wouldn’t go that big again. But here we are, a year later, and I did it again.

It all started with a simple question. “Tylyn, what do you want to do for your Birthday?” To which I got an immediate and enthusiastic, “Have A Tea Party!!!”

And with that simple, over stated, excited reply, I could no longer help myself!

Soon Tylyn’s Mad Hatter Tea Party was born. I planned it for about a month, collecting cheap decor from orientaltrading.com and making my own as well. I decided on the red and black color scheme of “The Queen f Hearts” but added in hott pink and gold to make it my own!


I designed her invitations in care of the color scheme, patterning, wording and whimsy that I wanted the party to convey.

With my collection of goodies, guest invited and grocery shopping done we were ready for the party!

Then snow started falling. And it snowed and snowed and snowed until all things were canceled for 4 days on end. Including Tylyn’s party. Tear. We pushed it back a week and it worked out just as well except the fact that my determination started to wane.

Saturday night I got the my Husbands gym (where we had the party) and started setting up. The results were Madly Wonderful Indeed!




















Was that too many pictures? Sorry 😚

And then there was the birthday girl… I ordered her dress from http://www.theglamourbaby.com because it was amazing and it reminded me of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Sadly my now 2 year old doesn’t love getting her picture taken but I mangaged to get a few…





Don’t you know all that a group of kids need to have fun are some balloons?










When it was all said and done all I cared is that the kids had fun. And they did!

Thank you friends and family for making a lot of fun memories together!

Two Years Too Soon


Today is my first baby’s second birthday. Watching your children grow up is very bitter sweet. I foyer year to hold my sweet newborn again and look back on her baby pics with a longing. Yet, I love the little girl she is now just as much and possibly even more.

Tylyn is a ball of energy and she rarely takes a moment to sit still. In fact the first time I’ve ever seen her “relaxed” was yesterday. As it turns out she had a fever and wasn’t feeling too hot. The most worrisome part about it wasn’t the fever but the total change in energy. Luckily today she is back to normal to celebrate her birthday in true Tylyn spirit!

A little about my Munchkin:
Tylyn Elizabeth
-she is potty trained
-she is a great big sister who loves her baby and is good at sharing (most of the time).
-she loves to sing! She knows about 10 songs which he sings over and over an over. Her favorites are, Jesus Loves Me, Happy Birthday, the ABC’s, the B-I-B-L-E and The Lords Army.
– Yes, she knows her ABC’s and can count to 16 perfectly! She even knows how to associate counting with “how many?” She also knows all her shapes even octagons. And her colors are finally learned as well!
-she loves to read
-she is beginning to enjoy drawing on her art easel
-she loves baby dolls
-most of her playing is spent I. The slide, “doing exercise” running, jumping, spinning, galloping, etc.
-she likes watching Elmo on the iPhone.4.
-she loves taking naps but is typically happy even if he goes without on days like Sunday.
-she is very obedient and rarely needs a timeout or disciple. But when she does she understands why her actions were bad and initiates praying before getting out of timeout with a happy heart.
-she acts shy in new settings, but it’s all a ruse. There is nothing shy about this girl once you get to know her.
-she is very athletic and coordinated like her Dad.
-she loves her Dad and squeals in excitement the moment he walks through the door.
I’m sure I’m missing so much more but basically she is perfect! 💖

For her birthday my mom got her this pink chair from Target for $14. It’s not a pottery barn kids chair by any means so I decided I was going to spruce it up by making a flower pillow that I saw at Target. Here is the target pillow which was ridiculously priced over $20.

My steps is recreating the pillow are in photos below: from cutting out felt petals to pinching them together with hot glue!


I decided I would recreate it with some felt and hot glue. Total price ended up being $7 including the white pillow insert.






I think the pillow is just what this $14 chair needed for a little bit of class.

Happy Birthday Baby!