Two Years Too Soon


Today is my first baby’s second birthday. Watching your children grow up is very bitter sweet. I foyer year to hold my sweet newborn again and look back on her baby pics with a longing. Yet, I love the little girl she is now just as much and possibly even more.

Tylyn is a ball of energy and she rarely takes a moment to sit still. In fact the first time I’ve ever seen her “relaxed” was yesterday. As it turns out she had a fever and wasn’t feeling too hot. The most worrisome part about it wasn’t the fever but the total change in energy. Luckily today she is back to normal to celebrate her birthday in true Tylyn spirit!

A little about my Munchkin:
Tylyn Elizabeth
-she is potty trained
-she is a great big sister who loves her baby and is good at sharing (most of the time).
-she loves to sing! She knows about 10 songs which he sings over and over an over. Her favorites are, Jesus Loves Me, Happy Birthday, the ABC’s, the B-I-B-L-E and The Lords Army.
– Yes, she knows her ABC’s and can count to 16 perfectly! She even knows how to associate counting with “how many?” She also knows all her shapes even octagons. And her colors are finally learned as well!
-she loves to read
-she is beginning to enjoy drawing on her art easel
-she loves baby dolls
-most of her playing is spent I. The slide, “doing exercise” running, jumping, spinning, galloping, etc.
-she likes watching Elmo on the iPhone.4.
-she loves taking naps but is typically happy even if he goes without on days like Sunday.
-she is very obedient and rarely needs a timeout or disciple. But when she does she understands why her actions were bad and initiates praying before getting out of timeout with a happy heart.
-she acts shy in new settings, but it’s all a ruse. There is nothing shy about this girl once you get to know her.
-she is very athletic and coordinated like her Dad.
-she loves her Dad and squeals in excitement the moment he walks through the door.
I’m sure I’m missing so much more but basically she is perfect! 💖

For her birthday my mom got her this pink chair from Target for $14. It’s not a pottery barn kids chair by any means so I decided I was going to spruce it up by making a flower pillow that I saw at Target. Here is the target pillow which was ridiculously priced over $20.

My steps is recreating the pillow are in photos below: from cutting out felt petals to pinching them together with hot glue!


I decided I would recreate it with some felt and hot glue. Total price ended up being $7 including the white pillow insert.






I think the pillow is just what this $14 chair needed for a little bit of class.

Happy Birthday Baby!


One thought on “Two Years Too Soon

  1. Whitney roe says:

    She is the only other lil girl this age that I’ve ever met that knows all this stuff other than rhema. Except rhema isn’t potty trained. 😁 haha! So glad to have friends that are good parents and have good kids! There are not too many kids I like rhema to be around. Lol! Did I say that out loud?

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