Bedroom DreamzzZZ!

We are gearing up and getting ready to move! HOLLA! I am so excited and haven’t been able to contain my interior designer self.

Among many projects currently in the works, I have plans to update our bedroom into a serene and beautiful sanctuary- while still on a minimal budget of course…

Currently, Our bedroom furniture is dark chocolate brown, with sage and creme bedding. I loved the look of the furniture when it was in our loft bedroom before:

But it just seems like in an old and dank apartment it wont look fresh and crisp like it did here (new construction). The bed frame above is a double and a hand-me-down from my mom. It is high time that my husband and I UPsize to a Queen. All the more room for morning snuggles with our 2 little girls. The dressers are from Ikea. I really liked them when I bought them, but now I feel like they are too masculine. And let’s face it, I want my bedroom to be feminine, Feminine, FEMININE!!!

So, here are the inspiration pictures I collected for my new room.

<3 all about this

What I love:

The small zebra rug with the white and black trunk. And guess who has an old trunk just waiting for a coat of paint >This Girl<

The silver/stainless side tables. I have a rectangular mirror table that will suit the same look at a price of $0.

The modern white dresser and large white mirror.

Chic White Bedroom

What I love:

-The white furniture.

-The upholstered headboard

-The gold tassel throw blanket.

-The polka dot metallic pillows

-The neutral patterned drapes

My Design Plan

bedroom inspiration

With my MAX budget at $250, I have to be very thrifty in changing basically EVERYTHING about my current room.

To start, I am going to paint my IKEA dressers white, and add a stenciled pattern on the bluish colored frosted glass, in hopes to create a similar effect to these white, mirrored dressers from Zgallerie. I will be creating my own upholstered headboard, which I have done in the past and have confidence in. And I will also be making my own drapes in a neutral Ikat fabric.

For the longer dresser/console. I found and old, tacky dresser console that needs a little love. But a fresh coat of paint and some updated gold hardware should do the trick!

Then there is the large white mirror to hang above the console. I found someone selling a large rectangle mirror for only $20 (STEAL!) that I had my eyes on. But then, while window shopping at Home Goods, I saw an already white, large decorative mirror for about $60. This is where I want to splurge. Is it worth the extra work and time just to save

Sometime down the road I will look for that Oh So Beautiful tassely, sprakly blanket and some shiny lamps with black shades, but that doesn’t fit into the current budget.

Currently I’ll continue collecting, sewing and painting my way into my dream bedroom. Can’t wait to update you once we FINALLY move!

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