The Striped Wing-back Chair

For a very long time I’ve been in love with black and white striped wing-back chairs. Although they are a bit of a “unicorn” (mythical creature), being that they are either always a. Ridiculously expensive or b.)custom made/one of a kind. I have found a couple some-what tangible ones on etsy in either a chevron stripe or with the stripes running vertical. But I had my heart and eyes set on these horizontal striped beauties:

Actually there is not a single thing about this image that I wasn’t drooling over, so I set out to recreate it on a low, LOW budget.
I have to have a real good reason to come home with a new “project” (especially a mammouth one) or my husband might die of stress, induced by my over ambitious spirit. But guess what, I had a great reason to bring home these 2 giant wing-back chairs…

FREE! That’s right, I got these torn apart beauties for free off of craigslist. This picture is after i got at that old fabric, but the before really wasn’t that much better. They were torn and worn!
I have never reupholstered anything legit like this before, so in taking off the old fabric I was “dissecting” it to see how to go about “putting it back together” #madscientistatwork. Here are a couple pics I took along the way as a roadmap for myself.




Taking off the fabric and removing all the staples was seriously the hardest part and a lot more work that I ever dreamed. But once it was complete the fun began!







The above were in chronological order, just so you know if you ever want to attempt this yourself. And once I got to this point I was feeling rather successful. But I wasn’t mentally prepared for the next battle. The battle of the sewing machine!!




I am not a seamstress. I repeat. I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS!!! The process of sewing the cushions was 1 step forward 9000000 steps back!!! So don’t judge my skill level on that detail please!

Ok… Now here comes the fun part… We just moved into our new place and I got to put together my dream dining arrangement per my inspiration picture… I will address my budget after the pictures.

^during the move

The wall was looking a little bare and I had to track down the perfect print. So I made some mock-ups of possible prints I found online:



I decided on creating my own “Less is more” poster to get printed at Costco for $8. But then I remembered my moms large print of a photo she took during her years working as a photo journalist and asked her if I could have it.

And I know you are all just DYING to see the finished look…




Now, I’m not sure how much my inspiration room cost but I’m guessing a 4-5 grand. Mine cost a total of $190!!!

Table- $0 from my mom’s old antique furniture collection- painted black with a can of paint sitting around.

Stools- $30 from target, on clearance and used remaining balance on a gift card.

Chairs- free

Fabric and coffee mugs- $100 – Ikea

Tools, thread, a new upholstery staple gun and nail head tacking strips – $60.

But I’m not done… I still have to find a fantastic chandelier. Although I love the teal beaded one in my inspiration pick, they too are “unicorns”. But I’m sure I will have something awesomely glamorous to show you soon!