DIY Upholstered Pallet Ottoman


I’ve had a couple people ask me how I made my Upholstered ottoman out of a wood pallet. It is so easy and inexpensive, everyone can do it!

Supply list
-wood pallet
-1.5-2″ foam
-cotton batting (comes in rolls or packages. You need a piece about 52″x52″
-upholstery fabric of your choice. Make sure it’s a wide roll and get 2 yards! You can use the scrap fabric to make your buttons (if you choose)
-button makers (see below)
-staple gun and staples
-strong upholstery thread
-4 feet 6″ tall (can be found at homedepot)
-and 4 brackets to screw the feet into (found in same section of homedepot- next to the furniture feet).
-a drill to attach the feet brackets

First off, find a wood pallet. I just looked on craigslist and found a listing for free pallets. We just drove up to a dumpster and put them in our car! Haha. The one I used was about 40″x40″

Now that you know your pallet size you can get your material. I ordered 2″ foam from but you can buy at your local fabric store and cut cut to size in store or with a box cutter at home.

Acquire your fabric and other supplies and lay out your materials according to this really awesome diagram 😜


Place your Fabric, pattern side down on the floor (make sure your floor is clean 😁) then cotton batting on top of that. Center your piece of foam on top of the batting. And lastly, place your pallet, top down, squared on your foam.

Begin stapling the cotton batting in place by wrapping it up and around the edge of the pallet. You don’t have to pull it too tight because it’s purpose is to give a little extra padding on the sides of the ottoman and slightly pull the edges of the foam down to give a nice cushy shape!

Once you have wrapped all the batting you can do the same with the fabric. This time you DO want to pull it tight! Really tight! Over time the fabric will stretch, so if it starts out loose it’s just going to look like a saggy mess down the road. The only somewhat tricky part about stapling the fabric comes at the corners. Since this is a “no sew” project, you want the edges to look clean, precisely folded and even. Here is a close up of how you will want it to look.


Now that your ottoman is upholstered you can add custom fabric buttons. This was so fun to me, as I’d never made my own buttons before. And it was super easy too! At the fabric store they sell these templates

And they work like this

Once all 9 of my buttons were made I threaded them with thick upholstery thread and poked them through to the back of the foam. Luckily the placement I used fit perfectly between the slats of the pallet.


This image show how I was able to pull the thread taught to get the button to press into the foam. I stapled a random staple into the pallet slat and tied the thread tightly around the staple. Pretty simple.

Here was the end result after adding the buttons


Last step: adding the feet. It makes it so easy if you get the corner brackets that you simply screw the feet into. You can find them right next to the furniture legs at your local homedepot.

4 brackets and 4 feet later and your done! I chose to leave my feet un-stained or painted because it’s the look I wanted. But a coat of spray paint in black, white or gold was my other consideration.

Now, some final finished pictures to leave you with




I sincerely hope this helps you in your ottoman making endeavor! Sorry that I failed to take pictures of the steps along the way, but ask any questions that you have!

Good luck with your glamorous project!