Little Girls In their Little World’s

I’m just so excited about a mini design project I have been working on that I MUST share! I loved designing my daughter’s room (actual pictures coming soon) and making a magical and fun space for them, and today I got to do it again! This room design is for a sweet 2 yer old from our church who is always dressed to impress and needs a room as fashion forward as she is! Her mom wanted to use the color scheme of pink and gold with touches of black, and I am All About That!


The room is basically a great canvas and therefore in a perfect place to start!

Here is my fun, pink and gold and glittery space:

I lie animal prints, and even more I love the idea of mixing animal prints!So, I am going to make some black and white prints with Leopard heart-shaped spots to be framed. Then mix in the black and white zebra rug on the pinkish carpet for an awesome accent!
The walls would be painted 6′ tall with a pink/coral color, leaving the top stripe white. It helps make the room feel more intimate and more scaled to a toddler. On the wall with the window I proposed doing some gold polka dot wall decals in a random pattern, floating up and over the top of the window, and the adding a little table and chairs (for tea parties of course) right in front of all the polka dots. Custom canvases are a must, and can be bought from B.Art Studios (my favorite) or made yourself.
Other details in the room include black painted letters spelling out her name, a pennant banner with a cute phrase that repeats the gold polkadot pattern, a gold lamp (something found at goodwill and spray-painted), black and white stripe curtains (sewing project) and painting the existing dresser a darker coral color than the wall.

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