Dresser Makeover

For quite some time I have been looking for a cabinet or dresser to use as a tv console table in our living room. We had been using a Queen Ann style table that I painted a soft teal blue. But it wasn’t ideal because you could see all the cords from the tv running down the wall. Gross! My quick fix for the cord was to put some canvases that I painted years ago, down under the table to cover the cords.

I was happy to live with this until I found a piece of furniture that I liked enough and was cheap enough for me to buy as a project. And then I found this…

Isn’t she a beauty?! Haha! But she only cost $20! And truly I was drawn in by the bowed front drawers. She had potential.
A couple years ago I picked up a couple pints of donated paint in colors I thought would someday be useful. One of those little pints of paint was a light grey, perfect for the dresser! The pint only cost $1 way back when I purchased it.
Note: most hardware stores have little cans of sample paint that people have returned and are sold for a couple of dollars each. I think I found mine at a local Ace Hardware.
After lightly sanding and rolling on gray paint with a foam roller I was left with this:

So for a good $21 I had a solid piece of furniture with a new finish. Not bad! And for that very reason I decided to splurge on some new hardware to really give this old dresser a new life.

I can’t bring myself to love solid brass even though it’s making a comback. But I fell in love with these “champagne gold” u-turn handles! And I love the compliment of grey and gold or silver and gold. Mmmmm- mmmmmm Good!

We lived with the dresser like this for awhile, while I collected my funds to buy 6 handles and 4 knobs for a total that I’m not totally proud of admitting on a $21 project dresser. Alright, alright I’ll tell you. The handles were $9 a piece an the knobs were $5. Bringing the hardware total in at about $80 plus shipping. 😁
But it was worth it!!!

I had to drill new holes and fill the old drill holes in order to accommodate my new, slightly longer handles. And then patch, sand and repaint the drawer fronts. But I LOVE how it turned out and feel the piece will work great In a living space or bedroom alike!


Lastly I leave you with the before and after comparison image!

Keepin’ it glamorous!