Meet my Capiz

Hey!! Super excited over here..! I just got an amazing chandelier from my sister in law and it has turned my little dining space into something far more glamorous than before.

This amazingly dramatic Capiz Chandelier from West Elm is far dreamier in person and makes a huge impact with it’s accentuated length. It hangs a mere 4 inches from the table top but isn’t any more obtrusive than a centerpiece.

I’m thinking I’m going to have to update the dark teal fabric on my stools to achieve a higher contrast level. My hesitation is that the dark microfiber is so easy to clean and hides messes pretty well. Important for kiddos. Thus, I’m thinking of recovering the stools with either a white leather material or white microfiber. I’m loving the idea of a faux snake skin, textured fabric.

I guess that means my next project is on the horizon! I’ll update you once it gets done (if ever).

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