DIY Painted Brick Wall

For months I have been wanting to buy this brick pattern wallpaper from Sherwin Williams

But I have put it off time and time again for multiple reasons. Mostly because there were more pressing things to spend money on. But something came over me this past Monday, and i didn’t want to sit on my idea any longer. So I stopped by the hardware store to pick up the thinnest painters tape they had. Which turned out to be this .70″ roll

Why did I care for it to be thin, you ask? Because I wanted to use this tape to create “grout lines” for a faux brick- painted accent wall! Luckily the color of the wall in question was already painted a very very light grey- it looks white unless you hold something truly white next to it. And double luckily, I had a can of glossy, bright white paint to use for my “bricks”. So the only thing I had to buy for my project was the tape (1.5 rolls to be exact).

And then, I just started measuring and taping away. The bricks were measured at 3″ high rows, and 6″ widths. I started taping all the rows first, making a stripe pattern and then went back through and measured and taped all the small vertical lines.

It took a solid 3 hours of time to tape the wall with this much detail. But it was well worth it.


And by sheer luck, the wall was perfectly dimensioned so that there were the exact amount of rows to go to the ceiling without having any “half bricks” as well as complete bricks at both the left and right edges of the wall. I wouldn’t have cared if it hadn’t worked out this way, but the fact that it did sure made my day!


Once the wall was fully taped, I took a small foam roller and painted the entire thing white. I have found that foam rollers work better when you are painting a pattern with tape. For some reason it bleeds through the tape less.


I was a little afraid of the final reveal. Would the lines be noticeable with 2 colors so similar? Would it even end up looking like brick? As usual, I couldn’t wait too long before taking the tape off, and once I did…




I’m always happy I tried!
-Keepin it Glamorous!

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