2 Little Girls, 1 Bedroom.

A couple months ago, before Jacson was born, I decided it was time to move Tylyn and Hadley back into the same bedroom. Hadley’s room was the slightly bigger room, so I opted to move Tylyn from her room, in order to turn the smaller room into Jacson’s nursery (that will be a separate post).

Tylyn was very, VERY resistant to my plan. Her biggest areas of discontent over moving rooms were 1. the pink walls in her room, and 2. having her own closet. She really, really likes her closet. To move past these issues, or at least skirt around them, I started by first painting over Tylyn’s pink walls with white paint. This way she could no longer use them against me. Second, I let her keep her “OWN” closet. Tylyn still has her clothes, toys, and giant barbie house in the closet in Jacson’s room.

Now, as I said in my last post, every good design needs to start with A PLAN! So I went to work to create one. I had already set my sights on some upholstered twin headboards. And figured I could make them myself on my nickle budget. We were starting from scratch with this room because we were moving from a crib and toddler bed to two twin beds! Meaning, we didn’t have two twin beds or mattresses! Not to mention my budget was around $0. I will explain how I got my end look while essentially spending $0 as I go. But back to my plan…

tylyn haddy room

Here was my first plan. The color scheme was to be pink, purple and blue as those were the requested colors. And as I said, two twin beds, two headboards (the ones shown are from overstock.com), a pink ombre dresser from landofnod.com, tulip bedding from landofnod.com, mirror, lamp, gummy bear night light, and pink ottomans also from Land of Nod. Lastly, some pink heart wall decals to jazz up the existing grey accent wall. The ruffle curtain and zebra rug I already had, both from overstock.com. Some things changed as I went, like the blue headboards ended up being purple (kids with their “favorite color” changing by the week), and the bedding changed too.

Here is the plan I ended up moving forward with:

tylyn haddy room 2

Like all rooms, the girls room is still a work in progress. I LOVE the pink ottoman and bunny mirror, but need to save up before I add them to the room.

august 2014 007

This is such a horrible picture but the only thing I have that is remotely close to showing my process of making the headboards. So, it will have to suffice. Or you will just have to use your imagination to envision how I made these headboards.

First, I have had a box of large foam core boards in our garage for a couple years. Slowly I have used the boards for various projects. And I figured the were the perfect size for twin headboards, so why not use them instead of going and buying heavy plywood. The foam core became the backing. I then put thick foam (again, something we bought years ago and have yet to use all the pieces) on top of the foam core board, wrapped it in batting and lastly purple fabric from http://www.fabric.com. My staple gun did indeed work on the foam core back to attach the fabric, as I thought the staples might pull out. Lastly I found some pearly beads to poke through the fabric and foam to make tufts. The result was a pair of super lite weight headboards that are cute and stylish without spending much money. They may not last for years and years. But I am okay with that because I am sure I will want to redecorate again someday, and hopefully will have more money to spend the next time round.

august 2014 167

Now about the dresser. My inspiration piece was from Land of Nod, and was way out of my price range. But I have seen several successful Ikea hacks using the $34.99 Rast dresser and figured I would try one. A good thing to note about the Rast dresser, it is much much smaller in person than I ever realized. This turned out to be fine for my project because it acts more like a night stand than a dresser anyway, but it’s really not very great for clothes storage.

For painting the dresser I went with what was in the garage: a can of white paint and a small can of red paint. I first painted the sides and top with the white paint and then I mixed the red and white together to first get the darkest pink color and painted the bottom drawer. Next I added a little more white to the dark pink to get the middle drawer color. And finally I added more white to the medium pink to get the lightest pink color. Money spent on paint $0. Oh and dresser paid for with an Ikea gift card. You might also notice a purple lamp base that I found for $1 at goodwill. I have still yet to get  a lamp shade for it. These things just take time my friends! HAHA!

As for the pink heart decals. I figured out that I needed about 50 hearts, and to buy the decals I would be looking at around $50. So, I asked some friends and found one that had a dye cut machine I could borrow. I bought a roll of pink, peel and stick vinyl from Michael’s for $3 and made my own hearts. The only hard part here was measuring and spacing out each heart so that the pattern looked right on the wall.

Cricut® Vinyl Sampler Pack, Metallics

Cricut Vinyl sold at local craft stores.

Back to my Budget:

The biggest ticket items in my room were the beds and bedding. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money to get matching sheets, comforters, duvets, bed skirts… but I obviously have taste that reaches beyond my price point. So, I did a couple things to get what I wanted. As usual, I sold things to save money for what I wanted, including a toddler bed, dresser, crib bedding, etc. Hadley’s birthday also happened to overlap with my redecorating, so we were given the matching sheet sets. And I also shamelessly added the duvets to my land of nod baby registry so that I could get 15% off and free shipping when I bought them from the money I saved up. The twin mattresses and box springs were actually found for free on craigslist. Gasp! But we found the best ones that they had, from nice neighborhoods. I also felt a twin mattresses was a safer size mattress to get used (think of that as you may). Add some thick mattress pads on top and I don’t have an issue!

before jacson 017

Tylyn has decided she loves her new bed and her new room. And Hadley is pretty happy as well. Then again she loves everything her sister loves. Now, getting the girls to go to bed, together, at a reasonable time… that is another story!


Elf On The Shelf Free Printable Props

The Christmas season is finally here! Let’s be honest… I got a jump start on my holiday decorating and put up the stockings before Christmas. But, now that Thanksgiving has past, our Christmas traditions have begun. The first, and most exciting (for the girls and myself) being our Elf on the Shelf, Bell, has made her way back from the North Pole!!


Last year, was Bell’s first year gracing our home, and to be entirely honest, I wasn’t very prepared for the nightly demand of hiding the elf (while trying to be original and creative). More times than not, I was scrambling to hide the elf in the morning, holding my kids hostage in their room before they could come out and look. And I felt like I coulda, shoulda, woulda done the whole thing differently if I had just planned a little bit better. Thus, about 2 weeks ago, I put together of a daily calender of our Elf’s hiding spots, and some very helpful printable props to make each morning a little extra special. Additionally, I put an effort in making some of the days meaningful to the spirit of CHRISTmas. I’m going to be honest for a minute; It is HARD to teach young children the real meaning of Christmas in this society. I get caught up in the shopping, the presents, the glamour of the holiday more than I would like to admit. And I know that  is what often makes Christmas so magical and fun for kids. But it has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. So, finding ways to teach and train my girls about the miracle of Jesus, the gift of the gospel, helping and giving to others, serving others, etc. means everything in the world to me (even if it is taught through a silly/naughty/curious little elf)!

Our elf joined us from the North Pole the morning after Thanksgiving, thus our Calender looks like this, but can be done is any order that works for you:

Nov. 28 – Pilgrim hat, turkey left-overs, letter from the Elf to kids, Elf book.IMG_5751

Nov. 29 – Super Hero Elf


Nov. 30 – Elf decorates a Christmas Tree (because this is the day we are going to get our tree)IMG_5794

Dec. 1 – Elf goes to Dutch Bro’s and brings hot chocolate. (*note: dutch bro’s gives kids drinks in reusable plastic cups, so on this morning I make hot chocolate at home and put it in the dutch bro’s cup’s I already have so that I don’t have to make an early morning trip to the coffee shop.)


Dec. 2 – Elf bakes cookies to share with others and makes a snow angel in the flour (teach your kids about serving others by delivering cookies to neighbors or the mail man or someone you want to say ‘thank you’ to). IMG_5830

Dec.3 – Elf Draws a family portrait on easel

Elf on the Shelf draws the family

Elf on the Shelf Family Portrait

Dec. 4 – Cookie Sheet Nativity Magnets (note* This requires a little DIY – simply print the full size nativity paper, and cut out each person and stick a small magnetic strip on the back (buyable at local craft store) then arrange the nativity scene on a cookie sheet for your kids to play with. The elf also has a miniature cookie sheet nativity to hold in the printables.)Dec. 5 – Elf looks through toy catalogs

Dec. 6 – Elf goes shopping (wears sunglasses, holds shopping bags) Elf on the shelf goes shopping

Dec. 7 – Elf sleeps next to Baby Jesus in the manger (wears sleeping mask) Elf sleeps by the Nativity

Dec. 8 – Elf makes “North Pole Doughnuts” for breakfast (requires store bought powdered sugar doughnuts and red and white paper straws)     Elf on the Shelf North Pole Doughnuts

Dec. 9 – Elf writes a letter to Santa about the kid’s behavior       Elf writes letter to santa

Dec. 10 – Elf builds a snowman                Do you wanna build a snowman

Dec. 11 – Elf Dresses as a Wiseman (requires purple felt to make a robe)

Dec. 12 –  Elf cleans kids bedroom or toy room (again, teach your kids about serving others, being helpful, etc.) Elf on the Shelf cleans

Dec. 13 – Elf rescues a puppy (box of puppies *requires one small plastic puppy from craft store) Elf on the Shelf and box of puppies

Dec. 14 – Elf dresses as a Shepard and joins nativity scene   Elf on the Shelf Shepherd

Dec. 15 – Elf leaves a list of “5 ways to serve others” for kids to complete that day. (*service activity)

Dec. 16 – Elf makes paper snowflakes with scissors

Dec. 17 – Elf goes Christmas Caroling

Dec. 18 – Elf reads Christmas book (*requires you to buy a Christmas book for your kids too).

Dec. 19 – Elf hangs stocking on mini fireplace

Dec. 20 – Elf follows “North Star Map” leading to the nativity and kids follow the stars as well.

Dec. 21 – Elf dresses as an angel                  elf dresses as an angel

Dec. 22 – Elf rides a reindeer   elf rides a reindeer

Dec. 23 – Christmas Movie Night (popcorn, soda, Christmas movie printables

Dec. 24 – Elf gives Christmas Jammies,goodbye letter, sleeping bag to sleep under the Christmas tree

Now, here are the free printable’s. They were made for my calender days, so to make them work for you, may take a little creativity and imagination. But use one or use them all! I hope your December Days are filled with fun Elfie memories!

Elf on the Shelf Printable Props

Elf on the Shelf Printable Props

nativity for kids

elfie drawing and cooking

Elf on the Shelf Free Printable

Elf on the Shelf Free Printable

Elf on the Shelf Free Printable

Elf on the Shelf Free Printable

Elf on the Shelf Free Printable

Elf on the Shelf Printable

Elf on the Shelf Printable

Elf on the Shelf Printable

Elf on the Shelf Printable

Elf on the Shelf Printable

Elf on the Shelf Printable

*** I will be updating this post daily with photo’s of our elf Bell, so you can see just how I applied the props!






DIY Painted Brick Wall

For months I have been wanting to buy this brick pattern wallpaper from Sherwin Williams

But I have put it off time and time again for multiple reasons. Mostly because there were more pressing things to spend money on. But something came over me this past Monday, and i didn’t want to sit on my idea any longer. So I stopped by the hardware store to pick up the thinnest painters tape they had. Which turned out to be this .70″ roll

Why did I care for it to be thin, you ask? Because I wanted to use this tape to create “grout lines” for a faux brick- painted accent wall! Luckily the color of the wall in question was already painted a very very light grey- it looks white unless you hold something truly white next to it. And double luckily, I had a can of glossy, bright white paint to use for my “bricks”. So the only thing I had to buy for my project was the tape (1.5 rolls to be exact).

And then, I just started measuring and taping away. The bricks were measured at 3″ high rows, and 6″ widths. I started taping all the rows first, making a stripe pattern and then went back through and measured and taped all the small vertical lines.

It took a solid 3 hours of time to tape the wall with this much detail. But it was well worth it.


And by sheer luck, the wall was perfectly dimensioned so that there were the exact amount of rows to go to the ceiling without having any “half bricks” as well as complete bricks at both the left and right edges of the wall. I wouldn’t have cared if it hadn’t worked out this way, but the fact that it did sure made my day!


Once the wall was fully taped, I took a small foam roller and painted the entire thing white. I have found that foam rollers work better when you are painting a pattern with tape. For some reason it bleeds through the tape less.


I was a little afraid of the final reveal. Would the lines be noticeable with 2 colors so similar? Would it even end up looking like brick? As usual, I couldn’t wait too long before taking the tape off, and once I did…




I’m always happy I tried!
-Keepin it Glamorous!

Ikea HACK Gold Utility Cart

Let me begin by saying I can not take credit for this amazing and cheap Ikea hack! I saw it elsewhere and had to take advantage of it: Simple and so so inexpensive it’s a must for everyone!

I have never paid any attention to this little nugget at ikea. Never even blinked an eye at it. Never even checked the price tag- nor would I have cared that it was $29.99 (and we live in Oregon ie. ZERO tax).

But after I saw what it could become with a little but of gold spray paint I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I made it my mission, dragged my 1 year old and 2 year old to Ikea, ALONE. And it was honestly a pretty hassle free/ tantrum free trip. Once we returned home, the girls took a nap and I embarked on the simplest spray paint project of my life. Obviously it came disassembled so I layed the metal frame pieces out on a drop cloth, sprayed them gold, let them dry, turned them over and sprayed the other side, let them dry and finished with very simple assembly!

Did that stark “utility cart” change to glamorous stunner in a matter of minutes?! Why yes, Yes it did!

Now, I spruced it up for fall and added some orange accessories. Being September still, I didn’t want to go full on Halloween yet, but these cute baby pumpkins are doing a good job for now! Making it fall festive has excited me to keep this cart decorated for all the seasons! Already can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas!

On the top shelf I placed an orange potted flower from Ikea with a fresh white pot that I can use all year long. The “Key” plate is a knock off of a Kate Spade dish (retail $60) that I made myself with a $1.99 plate from Target and some paint pens. Note: you have to bake the dish at 175 degrees for 30 minutes to set the paint).
The vase has orange potpourri sticks, also from ikea, and the paper wreath was a fall craft project that my toddler and I did together- the leaves were cut from pages of a book I didn’t care to tear apart and glued to a paper plate with the middle cut out. The fun spotted orange napkins are also an Ikea find.
Last, the gold tray is actually a wood letter sized tray from Target (not a serving tray) It had nice metal brackets on the corners and I sprayed it gold as well to better coordinate with the cart.


On the middle shelf I set my black and white striped mugs and bowls, also from ikea, atop a silver charger. Then there is another Kate spade knock off tray for mail. Practical and cute. I made this one the same way as the key tray.




The bottom shelf needed to be kid friendly- so in reality I put little plastic cups down there for them to play with. It also helps them from touching the breakables on the other shelf! I put this adorable boot candle from Target and of course a gold charger and black and white striped place mat to pull it all together.

But, for the sake of “prettier pictures” I staged the bottom shelf with this awesome “pumpkin shaped” Nate Berkus pot from Target. It was on clearance from $20 down to $5! It typically resides on my coffee table ottoman. And of course the cute tiny pumpkins are just adorable on the shelf as well as kid friendly!


Keepin it Glamorous a little at a time!

Dresser Makeover

For quite some time I have been looking for a cabinet or dresser to use as a tv console table in our living room. We had been using a Queen Ann style table that I painted a soft teal blue. But it wasn’t ideal because you could see all the cords from the tv running down the wall. Gross! My quick fix for the cord was to put some canvases that I painted years ago, down under the table to cover the cords.

I was happy to live with this until I found a piece of furniture that I liked enough and was cheap enough for me to buy as a project. And then I found this…

Isn’t she a beauty?! Haha! But she only cost $20! And truly I was drawn in by the bowed front drawers. She had potential.
A couple years ago I picked up a couple pints of donated paint in colors I thought would someday be useful. One of those little pints of paint was a light grey, perfect for the dresser! The pint only cost $1 way back when I purchased it.
Note: most hardware stores have little cans of sample paint that people have returned and are sold for a couple of dollars each. I think I found mine at a local Ace Hardware.
After lightly sanding and rolling on gray paint with a foam roller I was left with this:

So for a good $21 I had a solid piece of furniture with a new finish. Not bad! And for that very reason I decided to splurge on some new hardware to really give this old dresser a new life.

I can’t bring myself to love solid brass even though it’s making a comback. But I fell in love with these “champagne gold” u-turn handles! And I love the compliment of grey and gold or silver and gold. Mmmmm- mmmmmm Good!

We lived with the dresser like this for awhile, while I collected my funds to buy 6 handles and 4 knobs for a total that I’m not totally proud of admitting on a $21 project dresser. Alright, alright I’ll tell you. The handles were $9 a piece an the knobs were $5. Bringing the hardware total in at about $80 plus shipping. 😁
But it was worth it!!!

I had to drill new holes and fill the old drill holes in order to accommodate my new, slightly longer handles. And then patch, sand and repaint the drawer fronts. But I LOVE how it turned out and feel the piece will work great In a living space or bedroom alike!


Lastly I leave you with the before and after comparison image!

Keepin’ it glamorous!

Apartment Living- Design Edition

It’s been about 4 months of living in our new apartment and I finally feel comfortable showing you some pictures of our living space. As usual everything is always a work in progress, as there is so much more I would like to do! But for now, if feeling the zen in our cool, neutral living space!



As you may have seen in a previous post, I sold my old rug and coffee table to make way for a new, larger and brighter area rug! It fills out the space and is cozy between my toesies! I also made that there ottoman (see previous post for details) and styled it with some metallic finds.



My latest project has been the big empty wall around our little tv table. I have struggled with how to fill out the wall around our itty bitty television, and have made some progress. The floor lamps on either side of the tv table add some much needed height and continuing to draw your eye upward are the hanging metallic plate chargers. I love mixing gold and silver metallics and these chargers were a very cheep solution! Down the road we are planning on getting a larger buffet type console with cabinets for our tv to sit on, but for now, the aqua table suffices. And I did a quick fix to hide the ugly cords running down the wall by placing some canvases back there, that I painted but have yet to determine where to hang.

I also have future plans to swap out my beige chairs for some crisp white ones. To add more white for the time being, I laid white faux sheepskin rugs on the backs. The black and white stripe bow pillows help tie together the other stripes around the room.



As seen before are my black and white striped wing back chairs and dining configuration. I love the stools for my toddlers use! She can easily move them and climb up to eat by herself. My husband has had a hard time accepting the unconventional seating around the table, so we have some extra silver dining chairs that can be pulled up for more seating.




The hallway stripes make such a huge impact and are the only painting I have done in the whole apartment! I love how it draws your eye around the corner to the bathroom (next project on my list) and makes guests wonder what design fun and surprises are back there!

Lots more in store for this living space, but that’s all until the next project’s completion! Keep it GLAMOROUS! 😘

Yellow and Gold Pineapple Birthday Bash

My sweet Hadley Hope turned 1 on Saturday and we threw her a fun Pineapple themed birthday at the park. It wasn’t very sunny for our June park birthday but it didn’t rain, and everyone had fun! 👏👏👏

This post is mostly going to be a bunch of pictures. Enjoy!