Apartment Living- Design Edition

It’s been about 4 months of living in our new apartment and I finally feel comfortable showing you some pictures of our living space. As usual everything is always a work in progress, as there is so much more I would like to do! But for now, if feeling the zen in our cool, neutral living space!



As you may have seen in a previous post, I sold my old rug and coffee table to make way for a new, larger and brighter area rug! It fills out the space and is cozy between my toesies! I also made that there ottoman (see previous post for details) and styled it with some metallic finds.



My latest project has been the big empty wall around our little tv table. I have struggled with how to fill out the wall around our itty bitty television, and have made some progress. The floor lamps on either side of the tv table add some much needed height and continuing to draw your eye upward are the hanging metallic plate chargers. I love mixing gold and silver metallics and these chargers were a very cheep solution! Down the road we are planning on getting a larger buffet type console with cabinets for our tv to sit on, but for now, the aqua table suffices. And I did a quick fix to hide the ugly cords running down the wall by placing some canvases back there, that I painted but have yet to determine where to hang.

I also have future plans to swap out my beige chairs for some crisp white ones. To add more white for the time being, I laid white faux sheepskin rugs on the backs. The black and white stripe bow pillows help tie together the other stripes around the room.



As seen before are my black and white striped wing back chairs and dining configuration. I love the stools for my toddlers use! She can easily move them and climb up to eat by herself. My husband has had a hard time accepting the unconventional seating around the table, so we have some extra silver dining chairs that can be pulled up for more seating.




The hallway stripes make such a huge impact and are the only painting I have done in the whole apartment! I love how it draws your eye around the corner to the bathroom (next project on my list) and makes guests wonder what design fun and surprises are back there!

Lots more in store for this living space, but that’s all until the next project’s completion! Keep it GLAMOROUS! 😘


Yellow and Gold Pineapple Birthday Bash

My sweet Hadley Hope turned 1 on Saturday and we threw her a fun Pineapple themed birthday at the park. It wasn’t very sunny for our June park birthday but it didn’t rain, and everyone had fun! 👏👏👏

This post is mostly going to be a bunch of pictures. Enjoy!


































The Striped Wing-back Chair

For a very long time I’ve been in love with black and white striped wing-back chairs. Although they are a bit of a “unicorn” (mythical creature), being that they are either always a. Ridiculously expensive or b.)custom made/one of a kind. I have found a couple some-what tangible ones on etsy in either a chevron stripe or with the stripes running vertical. But I had my heart and eyes set on these horizontal striped beauties:

Actually there is not a single thing about this image that I wasn’t drooling over, so I set out to recreate it on a low, LOW budget.
I have to have a real good reason to come home with a new “project” (especially a mammouth one) or my husband might die of stress, induced by my over ambitious spirit. But guess what, I had a great reason to bring home these 2 giant wing-back chairs…

FREE! That’s right, I got these torn apart beauties for free off of craigslist. This picture is after i got at that old fabric, but the before really wasn’t that much better. They were torn and worn!
I have never reupholstered anything legit like this before, so in taking off the old fabric I was “dissecting” it to see how to go about “putting it back together” #madscientistatwork. Here are a couple pics I took along the way as a roadmap for myself.




Taking off the fabric and removing all the staples was seriously the hardest part and a lot more work that I ever dreamed. But once it was complete the fun began!







The above were in chronological order, just so you know if you ever want to attempt this yourself. And once I got to this point I was feeling rather successful. But I wasn’t mentally prepared for the next battle. The battle of the sewing machine!!




I am not a seamstress. I repeat. I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS!!! The process of sewing the cushions was 1 step forward 9000000 steps back!!! So don’t judge my skill level on that detail please!

Ok… Now here comes the fun part… We just moved into our new place and I got to put together my dream dining arrangement per my inspiration picture… I will address my budget after the pictures.

^during the move

The wall was looking a little bare and I had to track down the perfect print. So I made some mock-ups of possible prints I found online:



I decided on creating my own “Less is more” poster to get printed at Costco for $8. But then I remembered my moms large print of a photo she took during her years working as a photo journalist and asked her if I could have it.

And I know you are all just DYING to see the finished look…




Now, I’m not sure how much my inspiration room cost but I’m guessing a 4-5 grand. Mine cost a total of $190!!!

Table- $0 from my mom’s old antique furniture collection- painted black with a can of paint sitting around.

Stools- $30 from target, on clearance and used remaining balance on a gift card.

Chairs- free

Fabric and coffee mugs- $100 – Ikea

Tools, thread, a new upholstery staple gun and nail head tacking strips – $60.

But I’m not done… I still have to find a fantastic chandelier. Although I love the teal beaded one in my inspiration pick, they too are “unicorns”. But I’m sure I will have something awesomely glamorous to show you soon!

High Low Challenge

One of my favorite ways to design is by giving myself my own little “High-Low Challenges”. Meaning, I look for a high end design that I L❤VE and I try to recreate it on a limited budget. Because, just like everyone else, I want a high end look without breaking the bank.

My “High-End” Design Inspiration:

These White Chippendale style dining chairs from http://www.homedecoratorscollection.com are currently on sale for $161 each!

Let’s face it, I don’t have $600+ for dining chairs!

But a little scouring of the ole’ Craigslist ads and I found these beauties:

4 Chippendale style chairs! And for a grand total of $25! Can you say “STEAL”! Time to give these gals a face lift:

Step 1: Prep
I always use a foam sanding block to rough up the surface of the wood so the paint will stick. Then I paint a base coat with a primer sealer. This was necessary because I was painting a dark stain with white paint. It ultimately saved me an extra coat.

Step 2: Paint
I always use a foam roller and foam brushes. They are cheap and the paint sticks to the wood easier than with a bristol brush. Make sure to catch all drips… while painting furniture you are bound to have a lot of them!


Step 3: Upholstery
I found a beautiful and simple tan linen upholstery. After detaching the seats I simply used a staple gun, making sure to pull the fabric taut. Here are some example photos for newbies:





Step 4: Admire


Luckily, I finished these chairs just in time for Thanksgiving. We expanded our table and added to our previous DIY Silver X-back chairs with our new Chippendale chairs for a table set for 8! I love mixing vintage inspired items with classical pieces and modern aesthetics.


With the chairs in place I began to set our Thanksgiving table. The stage was laid with some burlap fabric I had in storage, and then metallic $1chargers allowed me to mimic the metallic on my x-Back chairs. I mixed gold a silver so that neither metallic would dominate the setting. I pulled out our wedding china for the first time, pleased to find how perfectly it went with my new Chippendale chairs. I elongated the centerpiece down the table’s aisle complete with white candles, a hammered silver votive, pine cones, and a gold/silver metallic owl (found for $7). I found a spool of twine in the garage and tied it around the center of each napkin, giving a bowtie shape. The table was set. The result was simply stunning.





High-Low Challenge Success!

High- $600+. Low- $35

Home-made Glamorous

Today I was so happy to finally meet my friend Whitney’s new baby Selah! She is a BEAUTIFUL baby with a BEAUTIFUL name.

Whitney not only has a baby 7 weeks younger than my baby Hadley, but also has a toddler only 2 months older than my Tylyn! That is 2 perfect sets of little baby girl playmates! I must say there is so much blessing in having friends with kids!

So, for baby Selah, I embarked on a sewing/DIY adventure to make some sweet baby gifts as sweet as her. I made her some custom burp cloths that fit perfectly around your neck so they won’t slip off, a baby blanket, and a letter sign of her name!

The letters are wrapped in string for a cool texture and color with added flower details.

The burp cloths are a combination of soft pink cotton fabrics with either creme quilted backs or grey terry cloth backing.

And here I am sporting the burp cloth.

I meant to take a picture of how I wrapped the gift in the baby blanket- like this:

20130802-145213.jpg … But of course I forgot 😦

So cheers to my DIY sewing project and to another precious baby girl!


Today I made it out of the house for my OOTD (outing of the day) to my post partum check up! As exciting as going to my OBGYN can be, I made the most of it by a) showering b) doing my hair. And makeup! And c) dressing as glamorous as I could manage. So, without further adeu… Here is my OOTD (outfit of the day)!

Lets start from the feet up:

Thanks Natalie for letting me borrow your shoes.

Brought out my favorite white Citizen jeans. #gettinthatbodyback

Yes I did take all of these photos of myself while holding a baby over my shoulder. #thatsmommyglamorous

There we are- cute as can be!

Phase 2: Teeth

A quick post today…

My husband likes to comment on how white me teeth used to be. Like when we look at pictures from high school (before the spider veins, hormone/pregnancy induced warts, and boob stretch marks) he always points out how white my teeth were. I guess picking up the coffee habit hasn’t helped my glamorous routine over the past 8 (YIKES) years since high school. Well easy fix, right?! Wrong. Everytime I plan on buying teeth whitening strips, I make it to the store- then to the personal hygiene isle – then I see the price tag – then GUILT! Ranging from $30-$45 for teeth whitening never seems to fit into the monthly budget and is something I never feel comfortable splurging on. But on our last family field trip to our Mecca of shopping, Target, I made the leap and bought some white strips.

And now, over the next 10 days, I am committed to glamifying my teeth!

Oh yeah Baby!