Throwback Thursday- Designer Issue

Today’s post is a special Throwback Thursday where I will show off some of my glamorous style as a designer. After finishing college with my BA in interior design, I embarked on a very big renovation project to give myself and growing family a place to call home. Before I started the place was just skin and bones or studs and plywood to be exact. 20130328-152809.jpg The area you are looking at here is the framing for the bathroom in the back corner and where the kitchen will be along the right wall. 20130328-152852.jpg This is obviously the area under the stairs, where the hot water heater was installed. 20130328-152909.jpg This is the upstairs, after I insulated all of the walls, and before drywall of course!

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After over a year of blood, sweat and tears (and a bit of moolah) we had a perfectly small space, ready for our growing family. And of course, once you move in, you have to make things more livable and always continue to renovate!

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Of course our little studio space was soon getting too small once we had a toddler and second baby on the way. So we are hopefully on to bigger and better (but lets hope bigger) things!