1. Embrace my height – wear heals. No more wearing slippers or uggs to work.

2. Tan my body – bleach my teeth

3. Master the perfect High Pony

4. Waxing (full body perhaps) or at least shave my legs more than once every 2 weeks.

5. Successfully tease my hair and have it remain teased all day.

6. Ritually take my makeup off at night and apply it perfectly every morning

7. Overhaul my makeup

8. Wear eye shadow and lip gloss

9. Reimagine my wardrobe. Wear those clothes that I bought once upon a time but never had the courage to wear in public.

10. Accessorize- Earings, watches, bracelets galore!

11. Doll up to go to the grocery store

12. Doll up to go on dates (with my man)


More to come as I figure our what being glamorous entails.




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