A fancy fun date night

One of the most important aspects of being glamorous is going out, ie. leaving the house (which I do very little of). But another important aspect of being glamorous is having someone to look glamorous for (besides other women- I mean who are we impressing really…?!). After being in a relationship and married to my husband for a combined 8 years, he has seen me at my very most Unglamorous, like giving birth, and therefore it is easy to get a little too comfortable not dressing up for my man.

So this Saturday night we had our first real date since Hadley was born. It was a gorgeous night and we were all set to have fun alongside my parents and their friends for a benefit ‘sip and stroll’. I’ll get back to the fact that our date was with my parents in a moment.

The sip and stroll was a wine tasting event hosted in local businesses up and down Main Street. There were 32! Businesses participating, making the night jam packed with places to go and wines to sip.

Now back to the parents: my mom and dad and their socialite crowd were actually quite enjoyable to spend the evening with. The only time it was semi awkward was when one of the stops was at a “lingerie” store that offered pole dancing classes.

We had a lot of fun giggling our way across town and even snapped a selfie to prove that we went out.


But that is only half of the story. The other half involved the babysitter- my little sis offered to watch the babes. We had a few reservations about leaving them with my sister, but giving her a detailed set of instructions and 2 well behaved babies seemed to outweigh them.

Near bedtime I called to check in to find my sister was overwhelmed by the prospect of getting them to sleep. saying “they wont stop crying”. My 1 1/2 year old is very, very, very simple to put to bed: diaper change, prayer, lay her down, give her her horse blanket and a binkie, turn off the light. I guess I forgot to mention the light but it SHOULD go without saying. When we got home we found her asleep (!) with all the lights on, her horse blankie on the sofa and the smell of a dirty diaper still on her bottom! Hmmmm… I wonder why she wasn’t easy to go to bed. Poor girl had to cry herself to bed with poo on her bum 😦 Oh well, all is well the ends well. Right?!

The next date night might have to come with a more experienced babysitter. Hopefully we will make it out again soon!

Stay glamorous!


Home-made Glamorous

Today I was so happy to finally meet my friend Whitney’s new baby Selah! She is a BEAUTIFUL baby with a BEAUTIFUL name.

Whitney not only has a baby 7 weeks younger than my baby Hadley, but also has a toddler only 2 months older than my Tylyn! That is 2 perfect sets of little baby girl playmates! I must say there is so much blessing in having friends with kids!

So, for baby Selah, I embarked on a sewing/DIY adventure to make some sweet baby gifts as sweet as her. I made her some custom burp cloths that fit perfectly around your neck so they won’t slip off, a baby blanket, and a letter sign of her name!

The letters are wrapped in string for a cool texture and color with added flower details.

The burp cloths are a combination of soft pink cotton fabrics with either creme quilted backs or grey terry cloth backing.

And here I am sporting the burp cloth.

I meant to take a picture of how I wrapped the gift in the baby blanket- like this:

20130802-145213.jpg … But of course I forgot 😦

So cheers to my DIY sewing project and to another precious baby girl!


Today I made it out of the house for my OOTD (outing of the day) to my post partum check up! As exciting as going to my OBGYN can be, I made the most of it by a) showering b) doing my hair. And makeup! And c) dressing as glamorous as I could manage. So, without further adeu… Here is my OOTD (outfit of the day)!

Lets start from the feet up:

Thanks Natalie for letting me borrow your shoes.

Brought out my favorite white Citizen jeans. #gettinthatbodyback

Yes I did take all of these photos of myself while holding a baby over my shoulder. #thatsmommyglamorous

There we are- cute as can be!